1. No Standards

    I want to hate this. I really, really do. But sweet Jesus, I would love to slide right in between thems cans!

  2. SOB

    Mercedes submitted a cease and desist

  3. Tacky, yet unrefined. I know the perfect job for her.

  4. WhiteChick

    Someone needs to tell this girl that bigger bra doesn’t equal bigger tits. Oh, and there is an entire world of shoes outside plastic stripper heels.

  5. downwithmuffins

    and yet i STILL cant take my eyes off of that god awful arm cuff thing..

  6. Raaaaaaaa

    unlike her to try to slough off that fake tan?

  7. mark

    Nothing sadder than an old ho.

  8. jc

    Amen WhiteChick, that bra could double as a flotation device.

  9. Grand Poobah

    What is so funny is that she is acting so ridiculous trying to get attention, she is really showing how TOTALLY PATHETIC she is. Go away, take your fake tits, fake tan, fake happiness with you!

  10. manxr

    always funny to see how many posers ‘wouldn’t ‘… yup, she’s at least half fake, probably stupid as f*ck… and still, i wouldn’t hesitate for a SPLIT second if i had the chance… difference is, i’m honest.

    sad, jealous bunch of whining gits, lol

  11. YEs

    The porn shoould be 30 Cock(s) cause she looks like the blonde from 30 Rock.

  12. tigre

    You missed the car.

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