This girl is not even attractive. Fire the publicist already.

  2. rantatonne

    Not sure why i keep clicking on these… I must go outside and roll around in some dirt now, a shower would only make me feel dirtier.

  3. SOB

    Who are these pictures for? What is the end game?

  4. Hill

    Idk what the hell she’s so excited about. It’s just an old C class…the entry level Mercedes and it’s not even new!

  5. Mr. Awesomepants

    She can’t help it, its a medical condition. She sees a camera and she poses like a 54 year old porn star. It has made family photos just impossible.

  6. This is the only site I ever see her pictures on. She’s posing for us people. We get it Courtney, you’re an attention whore, you will never be a “somebody”!!!…..just an ugly troll with a taped down dick.

  7. tigre

    Someone needs to teach her how to properly wash a car.

  8. Gordon

    Oops .. I spilled something on the glass too.

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