1. DC

    Ahhhh….I love the smell of soapy fake teens and STDs in the morning…wait, thats not right

  2. shonzie

    She’s a 17 year old who looks like a 37 year old trying to look like a 17 year old.

  3. That’s just gross.

  4. Crissy

    She’s so unappealing that I had to wait until I finished my lunch to view these pictures! WOW!!!

  5. SOB

    She is not even good at washing cars

  6. Donald

    She has a bulge folks!

  7. rospo

    where’s MOM ?

  8. Make her go away. The world has suffered enough.

  9. That’s fucking disgusting. Is this one of those transgender people?

  10. Urvag

    Is that the HPV series of the mercedes?

  11. JANE


  12. ugh

    She makes me wish Heidi and Spencer were still attention whoring.

  13. Mel

    How many of these photo shoots does she have to do before she realizes NO ONE CARES. It’s not working.

  14. Cooter

    This is a guarantee that she takes it in the butt.

  15. AustrianGold

    this girl really knows nothing about being sexy! simply exposing yourself does NOT equal sex appeal

  16. StickyFingerFreddy

    The problem with this kid is that, although she is sexy, her annoying mannerisms and voice cancel the sexiness out. I don’t know if she really thinks walking and talking like a forty-year-old stripper is going to make her famous, or she is getting some really bad career advice. Granted, she’s getting plenty of press coverage, but it’s for all the wrong reasons. She also cannot reverse it. A real life person can become a cartoon, but a cartoon can never become a real person. Someone should have advised her of that before she started this personna she will never be able to undo.

  17. It’s like they took a picture of a 10 year old wearing her mom’s clothes then photoshopped the mom’s face onto the body.

  18. CardinalFang

    I would love to see pics of your wives and or girlfriends in the same settings and poses.

  19. Rob

    Not attractive. Not even a little bit. Like my dad wearing a bikini.

  20. pix

    she has GOT to be in her mid 30′s and shes just appalling. god, i feel so sorry for her. someones been lying to her and when she realises how the rest of the world sees her and with what contempt the public has for awful people like her, her self esteem will plummet from the already scarey depths its at now, to the bogs of the self-awareness swamp. she will end up killing herself. she reminds me of the “tanning mom.” my advice to her is to get medical insurance, cause shes gonna need some heavy-duty psychiatric care in afew years from now.

  21. athena

    how the hell is it ok to take a pic like this of a under age girl???? exploitation is what it is, and this is food for a child predator because that is what she is!!

  22. renee


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