1. Spartcus

    Nipple alert, we’re going to need confirmation.

  2. This guy

    I don’t want to want her, but I just do. She is sexy!!

  3. Avery

    For a minute I thought if this 17 year old girl ever read all these comments she’d cry. After a minute I realized she probably reads all of these comments and then decides where she’s going to take her hooker heels tomorrow.

  4. Bonky

    I don’t care how weird or creepy she is, that chick is hot. It’s a shame she married a gay man, not sure what that’s about.

  5. Mick

    Just came from work to the beach, so I’ll carry my stripper shoes with me.

  6. mbcl

    without shoes 4′ 11″

  7. Ohno.

    I bet as soon as she is of age, she’ll be dancing in strip clubs around america. She has the stripper look down.
    She’s pretty much already doing it, just everywhere except the strip clubs, like family pumpkin events…

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