1. Creepiest lipstick transference ever.

  2. Any normal man would be skeeved out if his WIFE acted like this. This is the most disturbing thing EVER.

  3. Vanteal

    Courtney stodden is without a doubt the most disgusting human being on the face of this planet!…I use to like her husband, until I found out he was a pedophile!

  4. Dick Sock

    He can’t be a pedophile if he ain’t fuckin’ her. Let’s see. . supposedly he’s “livin’ the dream” with a hot young girl as his wife, yet. . we’ve never seen him:”
    a. kiss her with tongue.
    b. kiss her in any other way other than closed mouthed kisses with while standing as far from each other as possible
    c. touch her in any way that looks even remotely sexual

    You used to be able to justify this by saying that she’s underage, but now she’s 18. He can do anything sexual to her in public that he wants . .yet .. the same awkward interactions continue.

    That’s cuz he’s gayer than an Easter basket, and he ain’t fuckin’ her. Never has, never will.

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