1. Randy Quaid looks horrible.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Robin Williams doesn’t dress up at all when he goes someplace.

  3. blonde

    Totally thought she was doing duck-lips with Robin Willipoo

  4. I'm A Jerk

    That’s Radioman, you cretins.

  5. orpheus_lost

    Next up on ABC, it’s a Mork and Mindy are reunited for a very special Christmas on Earth!

  6. Kissinger

    He is on 30 Rock. I think he is more famous and loved then she is.

  7. Gary

    Moon Vest! “Gimme yer fingernails!”

  8. Curse you new zoom feature! Curse you and my traitor clicking finger. Now I’m off to Amazon to see if eyeball wash is a real thing.

  9. achilles wrath

    A batshit insane drug addict with boobies!

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