1. theresa

    i think coco is a beautiful lady,and she works very hard on her work out,i wish just one of you punks were face to face with her man ice,i loved to see ur nasty,taste less comments then.i love your show coco&ice, you two are the most real down to earth couple on or off t.v. i am sorry that people have such low self esteem of there self,that they only feel good hidfeing behind the internet making shitty comments about beautiful people.god bless.theresa patterson. i love your doggie,and i hope he goes far in the business!i cannot think of his name right now,but i will see it when i tune in,love you guys,and i wish you the best

  2. Loulou

    Is Coco short for coconuts? Cause frankly, that’s what she probably got implanted on her torso. Those things are nasty…

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