1. Cock Dr

    The bikini top must have anti-gravity properties.
    Also- we need some PhotoShoppin’ ASAP.

    • HN

      Haters… As a woman I admire Coco. She seems sweet and real, like someone who would tell you what’s up straight to your face and look hot doing it. So what if she isn’t perfect. Who is? I say hell yes to Coco, she’s comfortable in her body and she should be and I say she’s an inspiration to girls and women every where. You don’t have to look like a prepubescent boy with no curves to be hot. I wish I had a butt like that!

  2. Jack Ketch

    Who the fuck rides a bike in stripper heels ?? How many brain cells do you think Coco, Courtney Stodden and Shauna Sand have, combined ?? lol

  3. Always keep your eyes on the road, Coco.


  4. mark

    Cute photos, don’t like the Coco haters. She keeps “up” male morale and is a saint. :)

    • The coco haters are basically just woman haters. They hate any girl over 90 pounds because curves make it impossible to imagine she’s their fantasy boy.

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