1. francis

    Yes, she can!

  2. “No, honey…I said ‘See if you can influence the ERECTION.’”

  3. NotLiberal

    If you are seeing OBAMA in this picture, you’re doing it wrong!

  4. Enidaj

    Who the fuck wears high heels to the beach. Oh that’s right, Attention Whores.

  5. Jimbo

    So is she saying that Obama is like the toliet paper stuck between her cheeks?

  6. Phaid

    She actually found something dumber than her tramp stamp to put above her asshole.

  7. Lissa

    So I know it’s supposed to be sexy, but having the President’s name on your ass is just poor taste and disrespectful.

  8. The Pope

    I’m printing this out and posting it in my front yard.

  9. Anderson Pooper

    Thank you for showing Madonna how it’s supposed to be done. And let’s pray she never does.

  10. Tyler Perry

    America….F**K YEAH,

  11. neo

    This actually makes sense…something black that you wedge up your coot and b-hole. :D

  12. Don culo

    OBAMA or she supports all flat,brown asses who think they are great

  13. Visigoth

    Boy, if BIDEN can’t lose the election for him, THIS probably will.

  14. Legal Secretaries Need Love Too

    I VOTED (to get this my hands on this woman’s behind, please God, make it happen).

  15. anonym

    clearly this is why obama was reelected

  16. Antonio

    I would throat eff you and kick you out so fast. Dumb piece of ass.

  17. Antonio

    Is that the side Obama came from? I get it.

  18. John Travolta

    Obama would never get behind that. He’s in like Flynt with that one guy…what’s his name? Emmanuel. Rahm.

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