1. Gibby

    How freaking adorable she looks.

  2. It’s like two shots in one and both are bustacular.

  3. Why NOT post the topless one? Her rep already said it’s a fake, so she’s got no claim over it. Free the Hollywood Two!!

  4. Cheerio

    Sort of looks like Katy Perry.

  5. Hugh Gentry

    I’d like to see her and Katy Perry rub oil on each other, then scissor for an hour or two.

  6. Hugh Gentry

    so you guys don’t want to see that happen?? You must love cock and balls in your face.

  7. Brian

    Lose the stupid glasses, Christina. Then we’ll talk.

  8. stacy

    She looks so much better without the makeup. She would look even better without the shirt.

  9. I checked out the bare boobs one…could be her. Tits look right.

  10. sweetlips

    Grainy pics FTL. The least she could do is upgrade her iPhone to a 4S w/ a 8MP cam.

  11. prissy

    who the heck is she? leaked photos..yeah right.

  12. Brian

    I love that photo. Big tits. Red hair. And Glasses. That melts me.

  13. rubbydubby

    Her tits look more normal here. In most photos her tits are pushed up to her neck.

  14. xxaa

    lose weight and get a damn tan

  15. Looks like pornstar Siri.

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