1. And in true Titanic style, she then bumped into the ice sculpture and went down hard.

  2. Jade

    I mean.. really???

  3. Duck86

    Check mate, Kim Kardashian.

  4. Moo Cow Hunter

    Has to be photoshop but just in case it’s not. How does this work? Kim Kardashian passes on the “World’s Largest Ass” trophy to Christina or she gets a new one?

  5. Jentilly

    Guess she couldn’t get a ticket for her boyfriend, lucky for him she was able to sneak him in

  6. elephantman

    HOLY COW!!

  7. Sweet Jesus! You could put a tray on that thing and serve tea!

  8. mismy

    For some reason I’m reminded of Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder…

  9. lanegra

    what??… that is photoshop!!!!!

  10. kel

    Is that a pop star or a centaur?

  11. Holy shit, that ass is disgustingly huge, but I’m black so I can’t look away. It’s calling out to me.

  12. Duck86

    Is going “balls deep” even possible? Christina, you are my Mt. Everest. “I have a dreeeeam…”

  13. Techman

    I was flipping through channels and caught her performance and it took me a couple of minutes before I realized who it was. At first I thought Queen Latifa had gone through a bleaching and gained all her weight back.

  14. Robots wasn’t a great movie, but it was sure as hell the first thing that came to mind when seeing this picture. Those who have seen it will know what I’m talking about.

  15. And why do her hands look like she just finished up adjusting the valves on her car?

  16. zomgbie

    instead of sitting in a chair being a judge on that show shes on, i suggest judging while on a treadmill.

  17. jessica

    So when she said “in a bottle” she actually meant “in a Burger King”

  18. not-me

    Next, Luke Skywalker will ride her before she’s killed by a Wampa.

  19. rican

    Holy Fat ass! She wants to be the white Aretha.

  20. judd

    Omg! Its bigger than all of the Kardashian asses is put together!

  21. anonymous

    Well I guess this explains her rant regarding “buttfuck people” from a couple weeks ago.

  22. The 2012 AMA’s, sponsored by LoveSac ®

  23. She’s got more junk in her trunk than Season 3 of Hoarders

  24. RichPort

    She used to sing like a fat girl, so I guess this just makes sense…

  25. The model ‘X’ fembot was scrapped after it firstly failed to convince anyone it was a real woman, and secondly failed to successfully walk through a standard-width door.

  26. Sir Mix-A-Lot

    I like big butts…and I can not lie…

  27. Carla

    FUCK DAMN WTF — yeah what Fish said HOLY MIERDA o_0

  28. Milkman


  29. Brandylyn

    genie in a bottle? get that bish a bucket!

  30. JJ

    I literally laughed out loud and thought “surely you photo shopped a mac truck on her back side, is that thing for real?”

  31. Qmak

    Press corps: “Who are you wearing Christina?”

    “The Chateau Marmont. The drapes from my room specifically. Kirstie Alley says purple and white is very slimming.”

  32. holy fuck, i didnt see her from this angle. my god!!!!

  33. anonym

    What the fuck happened here?

    she’s built like a black woman here

  34. Kim Kardashian

    I better not hear anymore SHIT about my huge ass…obviously Christian…wait…MOOOOOOOO!!!

  35. What... What

    SHE used to be attractive… Done deal…. NEXT…

  36. Mickey01232000

    That dress should have Goodyear written on the side of it!

  37. I’ve heard of junk in the trunk, but that’s the whole damn JUNKYARD!!!!

  38. Lizard

    I swear to God, I looked at the picture before I read the headline, and I thought it was Lady Gaga in some goofy costume.

  39. Bionic_Crouton

    She obviously took the Twinkies shortage as a personal challenge.

  40. cc

    Christina Aguilera is playing the front of the horse, who is playing the back?

  41. Amanda

    She reminds me of that psychic Sylvia Browne lol looks exactly like her here. What happened?!

  42. Megan

    A centaur!!

  43. pepe

    is this real life?

  44. Stewie

    Is that a real picture and not some sort of photoshop!!!!

  45. me

    I bet that thing has more craters than the moon!

  46. Timothy

    Lord what a difference a year makes…

  47. She looks like she’s smuggling Peter Dinklage.

  48. electrcguy

    she must be dating kanye west

  49. STAN

    Christina, you should just start a new line of “MOO-MOO’S”.

  50. AHW

    When did they revive bustles?

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