1. K Bunny

    WHOA. What happened to her?

  2. fowler

    one step away from hatchet face.

  3. HUH?

    “It’s takes a Twinkie to be a Twinkie.”

  4. braAp

    what? she was just super fine a month ago?!

  5. Julie

    You guys are crazy. She’s still hot.

  6. braAp

    id bang snooki if she wasnt so spherical before this thing….almost

  7. J.R.

    She’s like twice as big as she was just 9 years ago. Bet she can’t fit those double ought’s like she used to!

  8. Crys

    whoa did she eat jordan?

  9. Kats

    She’s looks like blonde Snookie on that picture lol. But it’s just the bad angle, she’s still beatiful on the other pictures. And if she feels comfortable with herself then anything else doesn’t matter.

  10. Honest Abe

    Did she put her hands in the concrete or her juggs?

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