1. Seriously?!

    How is this news?

  2. At least she’s got talent and works for a living unlike Kim Cowdashian.

  3. She’s got a lot left over from her fat days. I try to avoid all pictures of her now. Don’t want to ruin the images I have stored in my spank bank.

  4. Boo Yah

    Correction: Xtina’s EVERYTHING is huge now.

  5. amir

    Christina NEVER had an ass. When she was skinny, it was flat, so evidently there was some chemical ‘enhancement’?.
    I can’t say its an improvement.

  6. jajaja

    Breaking: chairs

  7. lily

    MOOOOOOOOOOOOO still a cow.

  8. justin

    Genie can no longer fit in the bottle

  9. BAHAH

    It’s really sad when THIS is what she used to look like:
    I guess she got over her divorce by eating her feelings…

  10. neo


  11. neo

    Future spokes person for Jenny Craig? She’ll make millions!

  12. vavavoom!

    I think she’s awesome. She’s a diva and she looks like she doesn’t give a f*ck. You don’t have to be skinny to be sexy. Anyway, it’s all about the voice!

  13. Fede


    Eat something, if you want

  14. Cunts

    Why is she posing with her back to the paparazzi as though to say, Take pictures of my ass please!

  15. poopy

    if you’re going to be fat, wear flattering makeup
    adele knows what i mean

  16. Me? lol

    Stop being so damn mean! I bet you are all just sitting there on your fat asses with nothing better to do than put such a beautiful, talented girl down just to make yourselves feel better. So, quit your rude comments, get off your fat asses and exercise if weight gain irritates you this much. Seriously, get a life!

  17. Miko

    yall must remember that she is not white…so a lil booty she will have but that big never

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