1. Toxic Buddy

    Snookie rocks the AMA’s

  2. pharmgirl

    Albino Snooki…

  3. SIN

    Would still like to hike that skirt up and nail her.

  4. Kiara

    Alcohol bloat…

  5. bj

    “has anyone seen my Kermie”?

  6. Jeffiner

    holy crap!

  7. DeucePickle

    That ass has gotten taller

  8. Troll

    She’s one pair of gloves away from Miss Piggy.

  9. otosan

    Christina Square Shaped

    maybe she tried to copy JLH, since this kind of dress worked out for JLH, but apparently not for her…

  10. We might be losing Twinkies but we’ll always have this.

  11. Skeeter

    I’d still like to put my face between those cheeks and then penetrate her anus.

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