1. dirtdog

    what a pig.

  2. momo


  3. Deacon Jones

    Jesus, her leg literally looks like Aretha Franklin’s…

  4. Is the moire patterning an artifact of the photo, or is it my brain attempting to spare me the horror of this purple war crime?

    • I suspect it’s the resolution of the camera setting conflicting with the number of threads-per-inch of the material making up her dress. it’s pretty trippy. In fact, omigod…I’m having a flashback-ack-ack-ack to 1968…I’m hallu-hallu-cina-cina-ting-ting-ting…

  5. Brian

    luv her body

  6. Poopie Socks

    When did Snooki go blonde?

  7. Mona

    What the hell is wrong with you people? I’m sure you are all perfect size 0 models…

  8. uber

    i keep hoping that this is all an elaborate troll, and that any minute she’s going to tell us that she’s been wearing one of eddie murphy’s fat suits from the nutty professor movies this whole time

  9. Why didn’t the people on E! zoom the camera on the snail trail she left on the couch on Chelsea Lately?

  10. Happy_Evil_Dude

    All is explained. It’s not crappy fake tan. Her legs are just caked with dried up crap.

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