1. Jim

    eeewwwwwwwwww, manly ass

  2. Bird

    WOW!! I just read ALL the comments thus far .. the diversity of human points of view, opinions, &, in some cases, sanity levels is ASTOUNDING !!

    I’m just a ‘regular’ person out here & have NEVER involved myself in commenting on web sites as this or about ‘celebrities’ personally unknown to me– However, I’m at last motivated to register my perspective & life observations concerning the recent highly charged emotional controversary attached to the C. Handler, J. Aniston, A. Jolie sniping …

    What has happened to the concept of ‘live & let live’ as well as assigning some responsibility for one’s own part in any given situation or its outcome?? I’m all for folks having loyal, supportive friends but HOW one manifests that loyalty, particularly in & to the public, can certainly be classy or NOT — Chelsea Handler’s professional humor & comedy shows have never been billed as ‘classy’ .. since I don’t know her personally, like many seem to on the website, I don’t know for sure if she herself is a ‘classy person’ or not — it’s often difficult to separate one’s personal persona from their professional one. My personal but jaded opinion is that she’s no more classy as a person or friend than her comedy is, often based on gleefully & unmercifully attacking others!! I’m not against her – in fact I’ve watched & enjoyed some of her shows on cable…but, I get what I expect based on what I know about her style & intent .. she’s ruthless & transparent, just as her rant on Jolie was — to me, embarrassing for Handler AND Aniston, both!!

    For anyone who’s lived & loved awhile and can be honest with THEMSELVES, it’s known that there’s always 2 or more sides to a ‘split’ & unless an ‘outsider’ was on the ‘inside’ the majority of the time, it’s doubtful they could fully know & understand what all REALLY brought about the split…in general, one doesn’t usually ‘stray’ or leave, nor be ‘lured’ away, if they are truly happy with themselves as well as their partner.

    Years ago, I watched an in depth interview on TV with Brad Pitt who had been married at the time to J. Aniston for only a year or two AT MOST… they were a ‘pretty’ couple all dressed up in designer duds for the many red carpet events in their life together – she for years of “Friends” and he for multiple blockbuster movies. To me, they made a good looking couple but they also looked somewhat plastic … ‘vanilla’, as someone else described them. The hair on the back of my neck stood up when I listened to Brad talk in the interview – he essentially said AT THAT TIME he was looking at his life, now & on down the road, wanting to integrate meaningful ‘substance’ into it, wanting a family in the near future, and needing to feel as if he was making a positive ‘difference’ in his world. In a previous, separate magazine interview with Jennifer Aniston, I had read that she wanted to venture into making comedy movies “for several years before settling down to have children” — hence, my intuition saying THEN that he & seemingly more surface, short-sighted, single-layered Aniston would unfortunately not stay ‘perfect’ or be a ‘long-termed’ couple–there were serious, not-being-on-the- same-page’ “cracks” in the relationship that early on but they had no obligation to openly share this with the press or John-Q-Public then or later when they divorced – let everyone else ‘speculate’ and judge, and boy did they ever!!

    I choose not to ‘tackle’ writing here my opinions in detail about Angelina Jolie – I don’t really believe SHE is – or was- the culprit. It was fun, though, to see what all folks enjoyed saying about her…in particularly, the striking difference between how men versus women described & judged her!! Based on what I only ‘know’ about her from the press, media, her movies, and even Chelsea Handler, the way I’ve ‘sifted’ through it all allows me to personally like & admire her, her change & ‘growth’ over the years, her work, her humanitarian efforts, her devotion to her children, and her relationship with her ‘partner’ & father to ALL her children — She & Brad seem to be very much together, ‘on the same page’, happy & dedicated to their ’causes’, family, & each other — ALL without a ring or marriage certificate necessarily required !! I’d like to know them & be friends with them but I’d ‘pass’ on Aniston & Handler!!

  3. jase

    she needs to act her age. she isn’t in her 20′s.

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