1. FDrBn

    “This is for looking prettier than me, the both of yous”

  2. Mrs. Rutherford B Hayes

    Yeah, that’s not her middle finger.

    • Melissa

      Um, actually, it is.

      • Mrs. Rutherford B Hayes

        Nope, it’s the finger right next to her thumb, which is her pointer finger. She’s wearing a ring on her middle finger, which is clearly still in her fist.

      • Middle Finger

        zoom in on it. it is her middle finger.

      • Melissa

        Yeah, you seriously need to use the zoom feature. You can clearly see her index finger is pointed down while her middle finger is pointed up. But yes you’re right, there is a ring on her middle finger. Pointing up.

  3. Chupois


  4. The Royal Penis

    “Do you know where I’m gonna put this finger?”

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