1. LockNLoad

    As much as I hate Madonna, she’s right, this pig is built like a brick shithouse. As you were.

  2. Sgt Bustup

    Say what you will…but I like a little meat on the bone. She’s hot!

  3. Ugh

    If this is what a “brick shithouse” is built like, the count me among the fans of brick shithomes. It is kind of hard to look past the fact that she’s Britney Spears, but that is a great body. She’s strong– yeah, she has body fat, but look at her in normal clothes and try to pretend that you wouldn’t look twice. It’s just when she tries to squeeze into the outfits that just don’t work on her build that she ends up looking bad.

  4. Jarotss

    @ReMix3r7196 I’m guisseng you removed your comment because you realized it was indeed the Boston show. I mean she did say I love you Boston in the middle of the video

  5. stacy

    If that was at my bowling alley it would be constantly filled with old perverts. Well, filled with more than usual.

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