1. Deacon Jones

    (Damn it…there he is again! Why is it every time I go to one of these events there’s a ten foot tall Bilbo Baggins in the crowd THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN SEE??)

  2. Christ Aguilera

    Holy neck tendon.

  3. Alpha Female

    LET HER RETIRE FOR FUCKS SAKE! The people who own and control her are fucking Satanic.

  4. downwithmuffins

    ive been wondering when tom cruise would tranq her and put in a bag and make her his new braindead bride.. but then it hit me.. HE ALREADY TRIED.

    tom: and so, there are thousands of alien souls trapped inside you that you can only get out by marrying me and cleansing yourself by telling everyone your darkest most personal secrets and paying lots and lots of money! it worked for me and now i barely even like dicks! but dont you take your meds! psychiatrists are evil and poison you’
    britney: aliens…inside me? mah anti crazy pills make me crazy?? … AAAAAAAAAH *shaves head and beats cars with umbrellas* ‘get them ouuuuuuuuuuut’
    tom : …shit

  5. Mr. Awesomepants

    Oh shit, she sees a taco bell! RUN BEFORE THE TRAMPLE BEGINS!

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