1. elle

    what a pig

  2. rusty

    Damn is she pregnant AGAIN??!!

  3. Holy fat!

    She looks like Carnie Wilson!

  4. victoria

    dang! snookie looks good!

  5. Herman the Kid

    Judging from the photos I think prayer had just as much to do with it as In n’ Out Burger.

  6. Ned

    I had a dream Bristol and I were having a picnic by a stream. She was feeding me her stools. They were large like baguettes, but tasted like meatloaf. I ate every last bite, and she giggled. It gave me a nocturnal emission.

  7. Jovy

    The Harpoons.

    Man them.

  8. TJL

    I was stationed in Alaska on and off for three years, this is how the women there look. They are round and the small percentage of them that are sexy are considered chubby by Hollywood standards. As far as her hypocritical “prayers”, I wonder if she prayed while Levi was knocking her up or when she was snorting blow.

  9. SuperVoodoo

    Prayer and a few buckets o’ fried chicken…

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