1. cc

    This brings back memories of a particularly disastrous grad ceremony (FYI, I wasn’t the drunk for a change).

  2. CK

    Thank goodness there isn’t a nipslip here.

  3. Neo

    I can faintly hear Dr. Drews voice over narration now.

  4. Kono Kalakaua

    “whatdaya want … ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz”

  5. Paulie McGonagle

    “hundred bottles of beer … you fucking take one down , some fucking bottles of beer on the wall…”

  6. hH

    That’s really sad actually.

  7. name

    bad acting performance .. she’s faking

  8. Glassman

    Nothing funny about these photos. That’s the real deal for an alcoholic who can’t recover.

  9. Hank E. Ring

    Sadly, her alcohol is likely the result of depression from no longer being a star.

  10. jojo

    Get her some B vitamins STAT. We all get old bridgette neilsen; get over it. This is what happens when all your self-esteem comes from your looks. sad acutally

  11. Roseanne Barr

    She looks like a linebacker for the Vikings.

  12. XGL

    My question is this: Why in the fuck did anyone ever think this asshole wouldn’t do these things?! He’s an Austrian body builder on steroids with no acting talent- I’m sure he won’t do anything douchey or cheat on his wife! Let’s make him governor!

    God, we are so stupid.

  13. LisaHM

    The maid is better looking than Maria.

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