1. inmytownyoucantdrivenaked

    are we going to talk about the tampon string or… are we just gonna pretend we don’t see it?

  2. Holden Pat McGroin brother

    Good heavens, what is the world coming to when The Superficial posts a zillion pictures of a drunken non-celebrity whose clothes are slipping off and around, yet posts NOT ONE of the images where in one of her nipples was exposed ? Really ? I had to see that on another website ? Now I must wonder whether The Superficial is presenting the entire story on other occasions, as well. Truly, very disturbing. By the way, the man who carried her and struggled with her — including defending himself from her slobbering mouth at least once, it appears — is a guy who REALLY works hard for his pay. He deserves premium compensation for this instance of hazard duty. As for Ms. Glanville, if she’s going to give away views of her pulchritude for free, in a state wherein she is not looking her best, then she ought to sober up, get cleaned up, smile for the camera and drop her clothes and get proper payment for the exposure. Sweety, don’t be giving it away, and at your worst !

  3. Well we’ve all been there, drunk and disorderly in public…but, having a drunk women hanging all over you is such an embarrassment, and a boner killer. I can only pray (for him) that she didn’t eat a whole Awesome Blossom at Chili’s before getting so shit faced drunk. I can hear the car ride home….”Pull over! Pull over!! *blah blaaaah spit*

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