1. …and I though it would be alcohol that would cause night tremors.

  2. Brought It

    If you look close enough you could probably find Freckle Jesus.

  3. GrandDragon

    Her torso and ass form a perfect rectangle

  4. radlad

    Scoliosis strikes again…

  5. I guess her vertebrae poke out of her lower back particularly because of all the bending she has to do.

  6. smadgie

    Ick..I just threw up a little. Too much this early. Why doesn’t she overdose already?

  7. Deacon Jones


  8. MissMo

    AAAAAAAAAGH! THAT IS SO HIDEOUS! Where is her waist? It is just a straight line all the way down.

  9. Ms. Swan

    She’s built like Sponge Bob.

  10. Ugh…just think of all the sweaty club owner jizz that’s been shot onto this view.

  11. Cracknugg

    Dang.She looks like a man or Kesha from the back.No curves,just 2 straight lines.I feel bad for the Johns who have to get behind that.

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