1. Zabou

    Where did her ass and waist go?

  2. Jules

    What an uflattering outfit…I mean, Blohan is all sorts of crazy and pathetic, but she is certainly not as fat as she looks in these pictures. And what do celebrities have against bras? GEEZ ladies, just cover up your tits already, at least when you go out in public!

  3. Anonymous

    I bet that tattoo reads “Do not remove this tag under penalty of law.”

  4. logan

    The very very sad thing is she knows she is being photographed and she thinks this is sexy!!???? Does she think this is her best side? Her back side? Well Hollywood gals between the ages of 18 and 28 this is your competition. Makes your job hunt alot easier.

  5. jordo

    Is there a new Joe Dirt movie coming out that I don’t know about. I think she is trying out for the part of joe dirts sister.

  6. mark


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