1. That right tit ain’t quite to her waist just yet, but man is it tryin’ to get there!

  2. Mike701

    She was probably looking for a 50 year old bra to go with her sagging like 50 year old tits.

  3. Confusus

    For the sake of all that you hold dear, DO NOT USE THE ZOOM FUNCTION.

  4. EricLr

    You guys pass on it if you like. As for me, I want to suck the cigarette tar and week-old deodorant out of her love handles.

  5. I want to bounce that floppy tit around all night long. She has no ass to speak of.

  6. “Honey, what’s the neighbor’s dog’s name? Fido? Oh yeah, that’s it!”

    Lindsay Lohan looks like Fido’s ass!

  7. Carla

    Cum bloat.

  8. moo

    If shaking her hand meant I would never get cancer, I would think long and hard before deciding.

  9. LockNLoad

    “Lindsey’s Body Just Won’t Quit”
    Quit what? Being fucking disgusting? Ok, you’re right.

  10. She really went all in to play liz did.t she? jowls and all

  11. tlmck

    Coming to a trailer park near you.

  12. Another couple years and you’ll be able to read that tattoo a lot easier

  13. Polymelia: a birth defect seen when an embryo starts as conjoined twins, but one twin consumes the other, leaving behind only a shrunken, deformed limb. Here we see a second, equally flabby arm just underneath her normal arm.

  14. Can

    All I hear when I look at these pictures are those anti-smoking PSA’s where people with trachs give tips on daily life. “Crouch, don’t bend over. You don’t want to lose the food in your stomach.”

  15. Dereleek

    Ya she is way uglier then all the girls the guys who posted here nail all the time

    • Ugly fat girls who *aren’t* “movie stars” will usually try to have a decent personality to make up for their shortcomings. And they usually don’t reek and taste of cigarettes. And food costs way less than blow.

  16. SIN

    With that kind of top and no nipple? Terrible photographer.

  17. Evangelista

    Someone should tell Linds her idol Marilyn Monroe didn’t walk around with her big boobies unsupported!

  18. Luopis


  19. merp

    At least this proves she never got a boob job

  20. Ruby

    How is her boob melting down the side of her torso?

  21. MissMo

    I thought she was holding a piece of clothing against her body, like she was changing or sometihng, then I looked through other photos and realized THAT IS HER TOP! Oh my, she has no idea, she thinks she is still the tight hottie she was 10 years ago and has no clue she looks like a washed up piece of trash!

  22. tushar

    gosh i love her boobs

  23. Anyone else craving flapjacks?

  24. popwilleatitself

    How is she 26? Road hard and put away wet.

  25. Nooken

    That looks like the elbow of a smaller arm rather than a boob…

  26. mc hammer

    As Weird Al says, “I got more rolls than a pastry truck”

  27. kimcheee

    I bet she’ll have a “fitness video” soon…..roflol

  28. Mickey01232000

    Let me get this straight. Guys are paying for that?

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