1. Mr. Bolo

    Kelly is comely and her bosom and nipples look prettier when they are visably seen through a sheer dress, which is good.

  2. Joey

    What man is there of you, if you dreamed about the beauty that is Kelly Brook wouldnt shoot semen on your stomach and chest in your sleep tonight because of the sexual arousal it would cause your penis to get erect a few times with the final erection leading to ejaculation?

  3. Margaret

    We are sorry for acting like crybabies every time men compliment our busts,cleavage and rears and persecute men who whistle at us in New York,etc. Women who call compliments of breasts,etc. “sexual” and whistling “street” “hassling” are an infantile species. Femeanists are an ignorent,infantile species. Womankind never became civilized. Femeanism is barbaric. I am sorry for making your compliments a “crime”.

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