1. Zombie Kitty

    Oh yes… “Hannah Montana destorued my family” blah blah blah… not the giant yellow and green dildo he keeps in the kitchen then?

  2. This is the price a parent pays for selling thier childs soul to the mouse. It has happened over and over again. Why wont parents learn? Because they are greedy and they dont know how to say NO to their precious child. Billy finally admited he didnt know how to be the parent and now its to late. Oh well guess you will have to cry alone in your wheaties there billy. Miley is a trainwreck waiting to happen and the whole world will be out there watching. Next up on deck…… ITS THE BEIBER!

  3. Double D

    Until he starts to assigning the fair share of the blame for his family’s predicaments to his hair, Billy Ray is living in denial.

  4. Double D

    taco party pack – check.
    lucky charms – check.
    red bull – check.
    extra thick green pay packer dildo – check.

  5. This is what happens when you decide to clean out your fridge during a GQ shoot.

  6. ahhemmm

    Holy product placement! What do we have here…taco bell, heinz, pops,lucky charms, red bull! …And damn thats creepy…but there does look to be a ‘Yo quiero Taco Bell” chihuahua hiding in one of the cabinets next to Billy’s head. Either that or he IS right & satan’s in the house and has some little gremlins hiding in those cabinets….ready to bite off Billy’s yappy mullet. Oh, I vote for door #2!

  7. Jakester

    Look how sad I look sitting by my depressingly drab cabinets. If only I had millions of dollars to soothe my troubled spirits with…

  8. Phil

    Fukin’ Redneck … shit’s supposed to go in the pantry where most people with a little class put their shit. If you weren’t such a stupid shit Billy-Boy you’d know this. Oh … and those are cupboards next to your greasy head – they hold shit too …

    Maybe your daughter’s a little skank because you’re a dumbass?

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