1. ThisWillHurt

    “I wonder if she likes Cubans.”

  2. BorrisMorris

    “Well, hey there honey. You have a certain ….er…. thickness that I can appreciate in a woman”

  3. good lord, she’s just his type.

  4. Dude can spot the ideal firm but gentle grip a mile off.

  5. Man, I miss Bill. At least back then it was just the interns getting screwed, and not everyone.

    By far, our most entertaining President.

  6. Cock Dr

    I knew at least one entertaining image would emerge from all that long winded America the Greatest mumbo jumbo.

  7. “Hey, sugar cookie.”

  8. Papastryfe

    I’m…dreaming…I’m a black…microphone…

  9. TeamAmerica

    Weeeell if it isn’t ol Long Dong Silver himself! Auditioning a white one this time, Cap’n?

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