1. darla

    She’s old so what she’s 45 years old she’s following the typical aging process.
    You know what will make Jennifer looks like a freak is not having those cellulite
    at this stage of her life. I’m sorry but even in Hollywood there is no such thing as eternal youth. People age. But that does not mean they are freaking over. Just look at Betty White she,s still honking that 89 years of her life. Grow up Hollywood
    and stop demanding the iumpossibilities.

  2. sure

    You are crazy to think this is real. Saw in in concert around the same time and that is completely altered.

  3. Sixty

    In all the *other* photos she looks pretty fine. Did you know Photoshop has a “cottage cheese” filter? Just sayin’. But even if not doctored, c’mon, the woman is 41 — what darla said.

  4. Andyca_lk

    real or not real…..still looks funny for me LOL

  5. Shauna

    Unless your a fit or really fit person, certain lighting and angles will show this type of thing in most people. I have heard that only lifelong gymnast are without it in all lighting.

  6. AXian

    If you dress like an 18 yr old, then you should expect these types of photos to show. As per the: “following normal aging process”, I disagree. I am 35 yrs old and have 3 children- yet I don’t have cellulite everywhere. I especially DO wear age appropriate clothes. JHO might want to consider changing her wardrobe, or even her gym status. Regardless of photo-shop, etc, IF this picture is real she has to do at least three things – 1) Change how short her skirts are, 2) Hit a gym, because even a normal mother (such as myself, who barely gets on the treadmill), and 3) NEVER presume to blame this one having children or the aging process.

    My grandmother has a good saying: If you don’t want people to see it, COVER IT UP! Also, another good rule for my teenage daughters were no skirts shorter then the tips of their fingers. Meaning, they will NEVER flash anyone unless they want to.

  7. He

    What?? This fatty ass latino woman and taste …. two different planets!

    Sorry, my wife is 41 – beautiful, slim and ellegant with 0 cellulite and perfect breasts (including her intelligence)..

    Just stop showing ugly stupid caws!

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