1. penelope

    wow, even as a woman, I am taken away by how gorgeous this woman is. I dare anyone to say her figure anything less than phenomenal. It’s as perfect as humanly possible for a woman with a huge, NATURAL rack like that.

    • Luis

      Yeah, her tits are very nice and big. They should look like that, since she’s twenty fucking one. She also has a pleasant face. But that torso, that ass, and those legs do nothing for me. She has no shape in her hips. Pretty much a square. No shape, and muscle in her thighs. Underdeveloped thighs. Flat ass. So her “figure” is not phenomenal. Her tits? yes. they are what she’s known for.

  2. the only thing phenomenal about her – breasts. they are huge and natural (i guess) and they are not on her stomach lying flat..

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