1. Grinder

    Is she in a race with LeAnn Rimes to be the WORLDS MOST SKINNY?

  2. colleen

    kabblah witches end up like this somehow

  3. MrsWrong

    “I’m gonna hold my breath until I’m relevant again!”

  4. BAHAH

    That’s what happens when you marry a little boy who could be your son, Demi…

  5. lida

    i have no idea what he saw in her. i’m guessing he fapped to her in the 90s and mistook it for love.

  6. Good thing homos can’t get married…marriage is sacred. God meant one man to marry one woman 20 years older than him, and then to divorce her when better pussy comes along. That’s how it was in the bible, and that’s how it belongs today.

  7. Ell

    She should marry Hef. I wanna see who dies first.

  8. Melania

    He´s such a dick..who updates their twitter status with something like that? “I will cherish my time with Demi” …? He forgot to add “NEXT!”.

    How old is he? 12?

  9. Roofies Yum

    He’s getting to be WAY too old for her. Time to move on to much greener pastures.

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