1. Damn. Young, skinny and still has the tangerine ass. Life is cruel.

  2. cc

    Ewwwwwwww, I not a proponent of cosmetic surgery but…

  3. hijkmno

    ohmygod, this photo is going to scar her for life. skinny fat:(

  4. CMK

    High definition is ruining my fantasy life.

  5. stacy

    OH!! What the hell happened here??

  6. Okay Wow

    Hey guys let’s sit and do nothing all day, she said just before sitting all day. She then grabbed her laptop and sat for 14 hours. Great actor, looks like she has been training to sit all day. Let’s better ourselves by watching this performer that sits all day. What’s pathetic if this thing has to be convinced by an outside source to run in place on a treadmill to give the illusion of being active.
    You’re a puppet killing a generation.

  7. Bubbling

    Hey Sarah Hyland the only reason you’re in this photoshoot is because Tisdale wasn’t threatened by your body.

  8. Jon Hex

    Roethlisberger must be the guy walking by.

  9. IDKanymore

    That’s one dumpy Mexican.

  10. lexi

    damn. maybe should chill out on the ice cream cones and freezer pops…

  11. In the immortal words of Bernie Mac, “That ain’t right.”

  12. vgirl

    Even as a female that understands that all women suffer from some form of cellulite or another but damn!!! This girl is HOW old and she’s already looking like that? I can’t imagine her ass in like 5 -10 more years. Brazilian butt augmentation STAT.

  13. Anna

    I’m sorry but this is funny) anyway it just proved that cellulite can hit anyone and any age) we should just accept it))

  14. California

    Threw up in my mouth.

  15. Jimmy

    I still have a boner

  16. K

    Did any of you even look at the rest of the photos?! This is clearly photoshopped! You can see where they blatantly screwed it up under her right cheek! Look back to photo 7 & rethink your negative comments!

  17. Tim

    Three facts:

    This picture is photoshopped.
    I’ve seen the original.
    The people commenting here (two exceptions) are stupid.

  18. S

    Come on guys. If any of you have ever seen a woman naked you know that stuff like that shows in different lights. I work out 5 days a week and eat a healthy diet and you can still see flab on my ass if you put me under bright lights or I stand in certain positions. Being a celebrity doesn’t make her any different from any other woman. You can be incredibly healthy and still have cellulite depending on your body type. I don’t know if it’s photoshopped or not, but your crazy if you think it’s not possible for an incredibly thin, fit person to have a flabby ass. I can site a dozen more flabby assed skinny celebrity women on this sight. It’s not that pretty to look at, but you know you’d still do her from behind if you had the chance.

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