1. Is this what they make astronaut suits out of?

  2. Whatever

    OMG, those are HUGE. Get a fitted bra, gurl!

    (And it must really burn seeing pictures of Duchess Kate (princess Kate), who hasn’t gained a pound except for the baby. Waaaait… We need more pictures of Kate! Everywere she goes!)

  3. Pam from Boston

    I feel so sorry for Kim. People can be soooo rude. This is suppose to be a special beautiful time in a women’s life. All this poor girl has gotten is bad press, and for what? Bringing a beautiful life into the world. People would be talking either way. If she was too skinny, it would be ” she’s not taking care of herself. She can’t win no matter what. I think she’s a beautiful person, screw what everyone says Kim. You know your doing the right thing and your still a doll! Pam from Boston

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