1. donkeylicks

    Anne looked the way Meryl Streep’s skeleton would look if you made it smile and walk around the party being extra nice to everyone.

  2. Really?

    That’s Anne Hathaway? Thought it was Lisa Minelli.

  3. qwerty

    Thats the seam form the dress you fucking twat

  4. bingo

    Terrible dress and that hair makes her face look so much more rodent-like.

  5. Congratulations on the Oscar, Anne.

  6. Alli

    Showed off her coochie then won an Oscar in this dress…and the Grammys had a dress code

  7. Laura Martin Johsons

    Anne Hathaway is sooo ugly. She looks so old for her age. She is soooo white and has plenty of wrinkles. Short hair is terrible, too.

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