1. It’s a Christmas miracle!

  2. Mumra The Ever Living

    Why do you have that ugly star covering up her rich, talented, entitled hoo-hah? I remember a time when the Superficial stood for naked hoo-hahs of all socio-ethnic class’.

    • Toe Jam

      Protip: click “Click Here For NSFW Version” off to the right of the picture, if you want to see peach fuzz, and morning dew.

      • Mumra The Ever Living

        Thanks ToeJam, it worked perfectly, and Anne’s soft and silky hoo-hah is definitely is worth the extra time and effort.

  3. Ismoss

    This sites gone to shit, if you dont got the balls to show the goods find another profession.

  4. Frank Burns

    Anne just got the title wrong, she thought it was the premiere of “Shave Miserable”.

  5. Smapdi

    That guy on the left doesn’t know anything – its two in the pink, not four.

  6. Fishballs

    I’d like to take her for a ride in my rape van.

  7. gregsuarez

    Quick! To the Batcave!

  8. BP

    In the immortal words of Booger from Revenge of the Nerds, “We’ve Got Bush”

  9. Anne Hathaway is fucking beautiful and I’ll bet she can play “Hide the Salami” at an expert level!

    • Stupid

      She’s a fucking pigdog.

      • Think what you like, Zippy. That just takes you out of contention as a possible recipient of her, or any, female charms…I mean since you obviously have a “thing” for the “fellas” and are legally blind. BTW, nice choice of pen names…

  10. angerinside

    Anne Hath-a-hole ladies and gentlemen.

  11. misterfister

    She must of thought she was at the “Catwoman” premier

  12. Jason

    Cat fur.

  13. Slicka

    Now if we just could stop her horrible clownface from appearing in movies we’d be golden! She could be Bag-on-her-head Hathaway!!

  14. lori

    That was no accident. Please. Don’t insult my intelligence.

  15. Bionic_Crouton

    That must have been a rough ride. It rubbed off all of her vag fur.

  16. Snack pack

    Run Forrest! Run!

  17. herewego

    You guys are getting yourselves worked up over nothing. She’s clearly wearing flesh colored undies with decorative pubic hair trim.

  18. I’m normally not a fan of pale skinned women but I think Anne is one of the sexiest women in history. She makes my all time top 10 sexual fantasy bucket list.

  19. She was one photo away from being able to return that dress.

  20. It’s so sad that Dr. Salk didn’t live to see this day. He be so proud, that he’d stain his Chinos.

  21. CrackerLeroy

    Yum. Yum with a capital BOING!

  22. annehathawaysvagina

    Anne Hathaway is totally full of shit. She intentionally didn’t wear underwear knowing damn well she’d be flashing the paps. She had no reason whatsoever to worry about visible panty lines–look at the way the dress is constructed! It’s ruched at the front and her backside is completely covered. A very simple, seamless black thong would’ve been the appropriate undergarment. Instead she whored out her vagina just like all the other skanks in the business.

  23. Always amused when dweebs want to see the bare goods.
    Guys, guys, half the population are women, I assure you there are many fine specimens more than willing to share with you.

    I’m more fascinated by her shoes – assuming those ARE shoes, and not some kind of Robert Griffin-style knee brace.

  24. Yes, that HAS to be from the Robert Griffin spring collection.


  25. Alli

    Showing off coochie and winning an Oscar…..really?

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