1. I blame Glee for all of these 12 and 13 year olds for dressing up as girls. Oh, and the movie Ladybugs.

  2. Double D

    hmmmmm, born april 1986. (gets out abacus.) makes her almost 25. i can feel good about my boner!

  3. The word “nibble” comes to mind when I see these photos. Those itty bitties are just begging for a little nip.

  4. D

    Not Amanda

  5. ren

    The fucks with the wig?

  6. Jen

    I have that bikini. I got it from Target 4 years ago. She is doing well then.

  7. Russell vanden Penis

    I always wanted some of that Amanda Bynes. Cute as a button, a tiger in the sack and a sense of humor. A have a total boner right at this moment.

  8. Bobobo

    Amanda, please!

  9. Sarakiel

    What I like about you…. are those boobs…

  10. In this pic her face looks like it’s not sitting on her skull correctly. Like that bug alien wearing an Edgar suit in Men in Black.

  11. ern

    all she need to do is spread those legs and show it to the world via palyboy or penthouse

  12. ehh

    well smart people that is not even her you guys should be able to tell SMFH!

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