1. The Frankenstein bolts are set a little too far forward.

  2. karlito

    such a radical change in someones appearance is a sign of mental instability. look at the many faces and body shapes of Mischa Barton. if there’s some tin foil under that hat….BINGO this one done.

  3. missglitterarty

    Oh so the position vacant for “Lil’ Kim” has been filled?

  4. Frank Burns

    “Mirror mirror in my hand, whose the stoniest in the land?”
    “You are the most stony, with a blunt in each hand.”
    “Mirror mirror its wisdom I seek, how’d a bolt get stuck in my cheek?”
    “If wisdom you . . . oh just fuck this, you need rehab!”
    “Oh yeah, if you are such a great mirror, how come you trapped a tiny version of me inside yourself! Poser!”

  5. Who tells a plastic surgeon “give me the Paris wonk-eye”?

  6. I’ll wait to see how much of this is wig and makeup before judging how Wildenstein-y she’s gone.

  7. So she basically asked for the Shauna Sand Special? Tard.

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