1. bethy

    Too work so hard to make her hair like that…then to have to be asked to leave with a red hoodie around her ass….Assess your LIFE!

  2. Dana

    Wow. I saw a girl in a mini bikini with a much bigger butt that showed MUCH more skin… and she was wandering quite freely at ComicCon.

  3. I liked the full outit better/.. I saw one girl dressed like Mila Jovich in the Fifth element.. the bandage outfit. She was at a sales booth

    I know some said they saw it on photo gallery of fan photos on one news site. I saw way too many that had less on that should have had more on…

    So long as it wasnt a thong….so what.

  4. candy man

    that is one ugly face!model for dog collars

  5. gerald jagla

    dont know what they are making all the fuss about

  6. Mary

    Hey, whatever happened to Peter Brady?

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