1. NG

    “Yeah, I like my chicks with manly thighs. Oh yeah…”

  2. Oh, *that’s* why he’s usually only dressed in his tattoos — they distract from all the Patrick Bateman he has going.

  3. AngusParvo

    Where is this chick’s vagina? Looking at the pic it appears to be down around her knees

  4. spartacus

    Put the guy in ordinary clothes and he looks like an utter knob

  5. bearandbu

    I wonder what Anne I through IV look like.

  6. meh

    Is this the adult douchebag fraternal twins version of the parent trap? I swear this picture looks like Adam standing next to himself in drag. Dud looks like a lady, lady looks like a dude. Nasty.

  7. Lisa

    JLH is way better looking than his ex!

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