Homophobia And Racism Are Acceptable Because Miley Cyrus, America Has Spoken

December 20th, 2013 // 174 Comments
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I was going to briefly hit on the Duck Dynasty family threatening to quit the show if Phil Robertson isn’t brought back which effectively puts the situation into stasis until after the holidays when no one will give a shit anymore. (Well played again.) But then I had to open up Facebook this morning and get shotgunned with a depressing amount of supposedly kind, “love thy neighbor” Christians explicitly endorsing outspoken homophobia and racism in between continuing to not understand how freedom of speech works and a barrel of false equivalencies. So for the sake of brevity and my own sanity, here’s the most prominent one:

Miley Cyrus Phil Robertson Meme

That’s right. Miley Cyrus twerking on MTV is worse than racism and subjugating homosexuals. And don’t get me wrong, the snarky dick in me – Wow, that came out wrong. – wants to agree and suggest Miley is way worse, but let’s be rational adults for a minute. Miley Cyrus might be the over-exposed unoriginal spawn of an industry that’s out of ideas who makes me want to shoot myself in the face every time I have to write about her, but at the end of the day, she’s just a 21-year-old woman who’s not hurting anybody. Phil Robertson, on the other hand, preaches a line of thinking that informs actual laws in this country. Right now there are states where you can be fired just for being gay. Or get cancer and not be allowed to have your spouse visit you in the hospital because that state doesn’t recognize you as a family member. His words have real life consequences which is why it’s the absolute highest of selfishness to say, “Oh, who gives a shit?” And that’s not even touching on the racism which every moron backing up Phil Robertson is endorsing because its part and parcel with this fiasco. Explain to me how that’s just a man “practicing his religion” which is the bullshit little bubble Duck Dynasty fans have been trying to insulate this situation with as if that makes any of this acceptable. I seem to recall some Muslims just practicing their beliefs by crashing planes into a few buildings, and everyone got all bent out of shape about it. Why you hatin’?

But that’s not even what I’m most bothered about. What I’m most bothered about is that not a single advertiser has come forward and said they’re backing out of the show. In fact, it’s been just the opposite (Stay classy, Under Armour.) because, Jesus Christ, what a golden cash cow. With an audience this rabid and gullible, and absolutely zero financial blowback, there’s no way in hell A&E isn’t going to bring it back without Phil Robertson on it. Ignorance is America’s most reliable demographic. And you know what? Fuck it. If people want to throw away their hard-earned money on redneck bobbleheads because they’re bigoted shitheads like them, knock yourself out, but at least do the rest of us a favor by learning how employment contracts work before the next fiasco. Which you won’t, so fortunately I’ve proposed a deal to stop all this from happening again now that I see the true nature of your strife:

We’ll get rid of Miley Cyrus if you let gays have the exact same rights as straight people. BOOM. Tell me how everyone doesn’t win in this situation. Besides Miley Cyrus. She doesn’t count.

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    • I cannot lie. I didn’t read beyond the first line. I just saw this in the side bar on VH1 and it occurred to me that everyone wants equality…. for themselves. Selfish America? I don’t know if you were misinformed – which is your own fault since the truth is all over the place – or you’re just so self-absorbed that you can’t see past Phil saying homosexual. Either way, your prejudice and judgement of Phil and his Religious beliefs is so hypocritical that’s it’s disturbing. And it’s going to backfire on your community sooner or later. Phil exercised his right to freedom of Expression and Religion when asked what he felt sinful behavior is. Since when do we tolerate any persons CIVIL RIGHTS being violated in this country because- whan -whan – he doesn’t understand anus sex? What straight man does? Wake up!!! He also said homosexual behavior is a sin, along with fornication, adultery, and drunkards, etc.. You chose to apply homosexual behavior to homosexuals, as if, oral sex isn’t and hasn’t always been considered a homosexual act.. (even in our legal system, dear) It used to be illegal, and probably still is if you in some states if you search dumb laws. Homosexuals aren’t the only people who have anal sex, dear, nor are they the only people who have oral sex.. If you weren’t an egomaniac – follower. You would realize Phil mentioned several acts he believed to be sins. And they apply to all races, all genders and all sexual orientations. Not once did Phil call a homosexuals employer and demand something be done about hiring a homosexual.. Not once did he mention a person.. You are the intolerant hypocrites here. You attack this man with everything you’ve accused his of doing. Operative word being accused, and it’s a LIE!!! It’s disgusting. Phil said nothing wrong. He is entitled to his Religious beliefs. You don’t have to agree with him. Just like he doesn’t have to agree with your lifestyle. Guess what? You are not being scrutinized and suspended from a job because you disagree.

      You think you’re so logical? Well, Religious Discrimination is against the law. When this is over, lots more people ill exercise their right to speak the truth instead of trying to be so Politically correct for those who don’t share that same respect for other.
      Phil exercised his right to freedom of Expression ( in the media, which is a constitutional right we ALL have) and he is being discriminated against for it. He was suspended from his job – which is against federal LAW.

      When homosexuals were fighting for their rights, they wanted the respect that THEY are not willing to give anyone else.
      If it wasn’t for our right to Freedom of expression, no one, would have been able to challenge the Government and make changes.. Not the homosexuals. Not African Americans. NO ONE. You will count on that freedom again – mark my words – history always repeats itself. And you’ll see.. Anyone who truly understands why Freedom of expression is how we’ve made as many changes as we have in society, respects and honors the right. Even if they disagree with your opinion. He said nothing homophobic. But even if he had – who died and made you God.. Everyone says something that someone disagrees with. Grow the hell up.

      • You walking fuckbox.


        Phil Robertson’s comments were published in a magazine without censorship by the government. After those comments were published, he was not jailed, arrested, fined or exposed to any consequences from the government. His civil rights and freedom of speech remain wholly intact and exercised to their fullest extent.

        What happened next was A&E’s freedom as a private business to suspend employees who violate contracts they explicitly agreed to in exchange for financial compensation. Do you honestly believe A&E would’ve suspended him if they didn’t have a team of lawyers vet the legality of such a move? Pull your head out of your ass. As so many people have pointed out over and over again, freedom of speech is not freedom of consequences. Phil made his remarks knowing full well he’d probably be fired because A. there was an A&E publicist with him the whole time, and B. as a business owner, I’m pretty sure he understands how an employment contract and what you can and or can’t fire a person for. (Then again, his family’s statement that his constitutional rights have been violated suggest otherwise, but that could also be red meat to their rube audience.)

        So before you go planning the next revolution, maybe understand that there aren’t jackbooted thugs robbing anybody of their freedoms. However, there sure as shit are religious morons voting in large blocs to subjugate a person for the way they were born. And as more and more of Phil’s sermons start to come out, there’s no hiding behind the fact he wasn’t talking about gays specifically, so you can muddy the water as much as you want, but that duck’ll still float. (I literally just made that saying up.)

      • …double amen.
        “Truthiness is what you want the facts to be, as opposed to what the facts are. What feels like the right answer as opposed to what reality will support.”

        (@ walking fuckbox:; you obviously read WAY beyond the first line, so, yeah, you CAN lie)

      • Truthiness. Word.

      • Title II of the Civil rights act of 1964
        Outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion or national origin. We do not have to like what he says, But to fire him because of his belief is a vilation of Title II. Equal protection under the law is just that equal protection.

      • Hey Jethro, Go Back To School

        Oh for fuck sakes you right wing religous shitbag. This is not religous persecution. This is contract law. If you would pull you head out of your god “fearin” crusty ass, you could actually investigate this whole fucking situation (including what the ammendments of the constitution ACTUALLY COVER) and realize in your little fucking pea brain that the constitution protects your rights against persecution of the GOVERNMENT. It is true that you do have protections against religous persecution in the work place, but goober signed a FUCKING CONTRACT. A contract that was drawn up by A&E and given the approval by his OWN FUCKING LAWYERS. Get it, dipshit? He signed a contract, broke said contract, and was put on suspension for violating said contract. Get it? Suspended! Not fired! Even a clueless asshole like you, that likes to go on illogical diatribes can even get THAT SHIT. You know the irony in this, you bible thumping ASSHOLE? You push your sky god, bullshit agenda on the entire country, scream religous persecution when ANYONE challenges it, but you fucknuts are the biggest supporters of big business in the US, no matter who it hurts. Well, now big business isn’t going your way, and your asshole hurts ’cause you didn’t win. It’s business, fuckhead! You can’t have your cake and eat it too, so pull Pappys dick out of your mouth AND DEAL WITH IT!

      • RobM1981

        Just because it’s contract law doesn’t mean it’s not religious persecution. How stupid do you have to be to realize that they are not mutually exclusive?

      • Artimus

        “he doesn’t understand anus sex? What straight man does? ”

        I’m a straight man and I understand anal sex. It kind of works like this: I’m with a chick, my dick gets hard and it put it in her ass because I want to cum and NOT get her pregnant. It’s not really that difficult to understand.

      • To be fair, I think there are a lot of things Phil Robertson and this poster don’t understand. Anal sex is just the tip of a vast iceberg.

      • mismy

        Something nobody has pointed out is that Big Business & Government are pretty much one and the same these days, has been for decades in my opinion. So this could be an important issue of freedom of speech even though it seems just so, so petty. And I agree with the consensus that Fish is going off on these tangents with increasing frequency & extremism- but who cares?? He doesn’t make any laws, he’s not my friend or family member that I have to eyeroll when he refuses to get off his soapbox. That said, I’m glad he posts these stories. I love reading the comments, and this blog has a melting pot of readers, which really lets all avenues of thought get aired (Fish doesn’t censor when he doesn’t agree). As polarized as this country is, this is a good thing that we have a place to come together & yell at each other for being a stupid hick conservative or communist liberal. The people that comment here are generally articulate, intelligent & passionate which you won’t find in the general comment sections of the internet, which hurt the brain to trudge through. The issue here is really seemingly unimportant compared to the real problems this country is facing, but I do believe it matters in the sense of a dangerous direction we are headed. But the corporations are probably gonna win & we will be China soon. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to post Fish & everyone else. Take a deep breath everyone & love your family & neighbors, Happy Holidays!!

      • @Kendra – I got as far as “judgment…of his religious beliefs” and had a little chuckle.

        Look, I go to church. My church subscribes to the same Bible that Robertson uses as an excuse – and it is an excuse. If I was inciting my neighbors to bring their unruly children to a council of elders to decide whether the kids should be stoned, would people excuse me because blah blah my religion? Of course not, because I would hope we can all agree that the whole passage about having control over the lives of our children when they’re bad is a bunch of horse manure.

        Similarly, people like Robertson are inciting people to move against homosexuals, to “realize” that their “choice” to be gay is supposedly an abomination against the Lord, and yet we’re supposed to look the other way? No.

      • Whoa, whoa, WHOA — Let’s not get too hasty about writing off the idea of stoning unruly children.

    • Former GI

      I find the reference to 911 more insulting & incredibly ignorant than anything else in this article. There is absolutely no comparison between use or misuse of ‘words’ & the loss of life due to the actions of lunatics. IGNORANT! Who needs to be fired?

    • Amen, right on, word to your mother, Fish.

  1. Goose

    No wonder charges of “racism” and “homophobia” don’t mean anything anymore. :-)

    • If it’s going to take changing all the hearts and minds before racism and homophobia has been conquered, have fun with that idealistic bullshit pipe dream. This is wolf crying.

      • Doesn’t hurt to try. Think of the strides made in just the last 30 years

      • Were the strides made with gubmint sponsored discrimination or changing hearts and minds? Cuz, my state recently allowed gay marriage, but I think we’re still far behind the hearts and minds of all citizens.

      • There was a study in the news a few weeks ago about “being right” vs “being happy.” Their conclusion was basically “It seems that being right, however, is a cause of happiness, and agreeing with what one disagrees with is a cause of unhappiness.” Our brains are hardwired to be unhappy if we are forced to agree with someone with whom we disagree. The political pissing contests on this forum and in the greater news sphere are laughable. Nobody is changing anybody else’s mind on this matter. People will change politically through their own self-realizations and introspection. Political ideologies are like our children. We love our own to death, and everyone’s else’s sucks balls.

      • Well said, Opticzoom. I am 100% in agreement with you. While I am totally and openly biased toward the right, I spend the bulk of my political discussions exposing the hypocrisy of people with “hard” views, on both sides, and enlightening them on the details of their political choices in an effort to open their eyes to the dangers of making important decisions on voting and policies based on either ignorant or misinformed facts.

      • …i share opticzoom’s quasi (albeit unintentionally) cynical sentiment, and his analogy …i have often expressed the opinion that this country was dragged kicking & screaming into desegregation, no one’s hearts or minds were actually changed, and the current explosion of racism brought on by obama’s election is nothing more than the lid blowing off the kettle after 40 years of repression …although, i also agree with name(visible)’s point; i believe that it’s through discussions (even the ones in this comment section) that people’s minds will be opened to new ideas …on those few occasions when i see some right-wing idealist posts their support of bigotry and intolerance, and they’re bombarded with facts & well reasoned statements, and they try to argue but eventually have no more comebacks, i like to pretend that something someone said gave them a moment of pause & genuine insight …probably not true, but i like to believe it.

  2. Convex

    I am delighted that you liberal bullies aren’t getting the results you wanted.

    If you weren’t anticipating some kind of backlash or rejection of your utter lack of values and your complete failure to accept any perspective that doesn’t fall in line with your own, then you’re a total idiot.

    People like you never learn, Fish. You are a genius when it comes to writing about celebs. You are a tiresome moron when you pull out your soapbox (something that’s happening more and more frequently) and presume to lecture us on your sad, twisted, and intolerant perception of right and wrong.

    We come here for entertainment, not liberal vitriol. I realize you have your butt buddies who agree with everything you say because they are incapable of original thought (or are afraid to express opposing opinions because you’re basically a bully), but there is a segment of the population that enjoys your celeb wit and is very tired of your political opinions.

    If ignorance is America’s largest and most deplorable demographic, Fish, you are in that group, largely because of your hypocrisy, your intolerance, and the hate you spew at those who disagree with you. I’d suggest you take some time to do some serious self-evaluation, but like most libtards, you are incapable of anything deeper than the average paper cut.

    Having said all of this, I do enjoy your wit when you stick to what this site is supposed to be about. And for the rest of you liberal retards who want to throw some hate my way, ask yourself if I give a single shit what any of you thinks … the answer to that is a resounding NO. You may argue that Fish doesn’t need to care what I think, but the fact is that my visits raise revenue for this site, which helps pay him.

    I think the owner of this site needs to rethink allowing his writers to insult those who help pay for it.

    • JC

      I’m guessing that you don’t understand that complaining about “your intolerance, your hypocrisy,” while resorting to name-calling like “libtard” is also hypocritical. Is it because you don’t understand the meaning of the word “hypocrisy,” or is it because you’re too blinded by your own hate?

      • JC

        Seriously, the five of you (so far) who have thumbs-down’d me: Explain why accusing someone of hypocrisy and intolerance while using the word “retard” isn’t hypocritical. Or are slurs against the mentally handicapped now considered tolerant and kind? I’m waiting.

      • idonthavetolikewhatyoudo

        If liberals are so tolerant then why aren’t you tolerant of intolerance?
        Like it or not, the pervading attitude among Americans is, ‘while I don’t consider homosexuality “normal”, as long as the persons engaging in it are consenting adults, it’s none of my business.’
        That’s the definition of tolerance; I don’t like what you’re doing, but I won’t stop you from doing it – that’s the definition of tolerance, not accepting that it’s a wonderful thing a celebrating it.

      • Ugh

        Tolerant of intolerance? So you think it’s “tolerance” to stand for civil rights infringements just because someone REALLY wants to infringe on someone’s civil rights? “Well, they REALLY want to be able to own black people; we should be tolerant of that because not allowing them to own slaves is the moral equivalent of owning slaves! There is no right or wrong!”
        Not how it works, stupid.

      • I think you mean “why aren’t we tolerant of injustice or inclinations thereof,” and it’s because that would be wrong.

    • Just leave already you pathetic ditto head(Yeah, ditto heads are conservatives who parrot what their drug dealing leader tells them to. Two strikes asswipe).
      Ask yourself why there are no celeb sites written by smart, funny conservatives…I’ll tell you why: You people are not funny!!! And not really smart either. Check what Fish is saying about 1st amendment: He is absolutely right, which is why you can’t contest it. Instead you want to act like religious zealot white men are the most oppressed group on the planet. No one needs your bigoted, taliban-like religious hatred here and no one will miss you ro that other cretin schmidtler, so go already and let the grown ups talk.

      • no where does he mention his religion in his long comment above nor does he mention Rush Limbaugh. Did you read what he wrote or are you just acting out against the caricature of a “conservative” you have created in your head?

        He is merely exercising his right to speech isn’t he? His point is that Fish is liberal (obviously) and that his frequent rants against anything Christian or GOP or not what he likes is getting tiresome. Granted he threw in some of his own rude attacks on liberals (calling you bullies and “liberal retards”) which does not help move any discussion forward. :)

      • Reading is hard. Screaming “Freedom of Speech!”, “Liberal Media!” and “Bible Haters!” is so much easier. AmIright?!

      • Its funny that you begin with “Reading is hard” considering your response completely ignores anything I wrote. Thanks for playing!

      • Considering that you posited that someone has a “right” to free speech in the comment section of a private blog, it rendered your whole point moot.

      • Ditto head remark- Relevant in light of his charge of “I realize you have your butt buddies who agree with everything you say because they are incapable of original though”. You like the thinly veiled charge of homosexuality there? Point is, Conservatives invented the ‘not thinking for yourself’ movement!
        Religion: He’s backing this ducktard(heh heh) guy, whose sole justification of his bigotry are his”values” shaped by his Religion.

        So there. :)

      • What I meant was, “Reading is hard, not wasting my time on what I already know is garbage two lines in is easy”.


      • “Taliban-like,” Robo-Zombie? Did you really just compare Convex to one of the most evil terrorist organizations on the planet? I’m certain that Convex doesn’t go around shooting little girls in the face. Rather, he’s just expressing his discontent that Fish has become so political (ebbing on extremist-liberal) in recent days. I agree completely: let’s have less soap-box and more funny!

      • Is this supposed to be your rant on being tolerant? also, fuck you.

    • “your sad, twisted, and intolerant perception of right and wrong.”
      Intolerant! Ah!
      I would just like to point out that I’m the guy laughing while shaking his head and then sighing while you are the rabid beast foaming at the corners of the mouth!
      But then I think your vote counts as mine, and yes, I do get sad… about the twisted part, we all watch porn on the internet, and we all know after a while vanilla just doesn’t cut it anymore… right?!?

    • Alexander

      You keep talking about self-evaluation and close-mindedness. Here’s a little thought experiment you can try. Imagine for a second that you are a gay man born in this country. Would you say you got the fair end of the deal or something needs to change? Replace gay with black, woman, Muslim if it makes it easier. I know you won’t spend a second doing that but here’s what I promise you and everybody who think alike; YOU WILL LOSE. It’s that simple. It will take time, but opinions like yours will die off, just like support for slavery, animal sacrifice and belief in Zeus is not part of our mindset anymore. And we are all better off without it. I hope you’ll live long enough to see my words come true (or not, I don’t really care).

    • I get filled with the Christmas spirit every time you come on here to vent your little pointy-headed, conservative spleen and give Fish more page views and ad revenue. MOAR!

    • Keith

      “And for the rest of you liberal retards who want to throw some hate my way, ask yourself if I give a single shit what any of you thinks … the answer to that is a resounding NO.”

      Of course you care…otherwise you wouldn’t vent on a forum like this one.

      Whatever. I thought the commentary was pretty spot on.

    • Convex sez:

      “I realize you have your butt buddies who agree with everything you say because they are incapable of original thought (or are afraid to express opposing opinions because you’re basically a bully)…”

      and then

      “If ignorance is America’s largest and most deplorable demographic, Fish, you are in that group, largely because of your hypocrisy, your intolerance, and the hate you spew at those who disagree with you.”

      Such skips in logic and frequency of posts are that of frothing, blind hatred itself. Also, Convex doesn’t realize that he is condemning Fish’s own rights to free speech on his own channel – rights he’s claiming to defend for Beirdo Hillbilly – who is under contract to behave, but is just a tool for ratings at this point when the season kicks back on in late winter/early spring. So, Fish’s analysis (or as Convex prefers Anal-ysis) is pretty accurate.

      And thanks to Convex’s trolling, he’s just making the SEO for Fish’s opinions higher in search results. Oops. Fish and A&E thank you.

    • Like I said in the Sarah Plain post. You just love this, don’t you. Here you are, once again only having something to say when Fish says something on a political topic. Quick to rush to the defense of some psuedo-religious bigot.

      It’s a beautiful cycle. Fish shits on some stupid person, you play defense and give fish more money, so he can keep shitting on idiots, then you play defense again.

      So thank you, Convex and all the other people who never have anything to say except when fish voices his political opinions. Your money is appreciated.

      • damn straight Don. I always scratch my head when some uptight conservative douche like Convex even visits a site like this. let alone to ‘lecture’ anyone. does he not realize the more he types “ask yourself if I give a single shit what any of you thinks” …right away any rational person would know that ultra-hypocrite is reading EVERY response? way to embarrass yourself douche-boy. hissy fits like yours are always entertaining. keep ‘em coming. and bravo for shaking the trees Fish, turds like this always drop out at the appropriate time.

        conservatives…never run out of butthurt. ever.

        BABABOOEY to y’all

    • I’ve been seeing this all day from conservatives: “Miley Cyrus, Lindsey (sic) Lohan and Justin Bieber are all freaks. What a sad state this country is in.”

      Well…Mr. conservative…can I call you Mr. conservative? Mr. Conservative, let me enlighten you on a few points:

      1. Miley Cyrus (and her parents) are actually registered conservatives.

      2. Lindsay actually (spelled that correctly for ya) voted for Mitt Romney last election.

      3. Justin Bieber has literally 1/2 his scrawny body covered in Jesus tattoos and blathers on about Jesus more often than pat Robertson masturbating over a crucifixion display on Easter morning.

      4. BENGHAZI!!!!!!!!

  3. I don’t know that Muslims practice their religion by crashing planes into buildings is an entirely accurate statement.

    • Alexander

      Ehh, not sure if it’s not entirely inaccurate. I’m pretty sure it fit in there somewhere. It used to be that you didn’t have to burn witches in your spare time to be a Christian but it definitely helped.

    • Why not? In their minds that’s what they were doing.

      Some good christian folks embrace teh gays. Some talk of eternal fire and damnation.

      That’s the cool thing about religion, make it up as you go along.

  4. I don’t know what you expect from a bunch of low IQ idiots that probably think slaves had a good time and that if women get raped it is their fault? The fact is gays and black people aren’t that upset because no one is shocked by this and that is why no sponsors have dropped out. I mean this is what you expect a redneck to say. Albeit they are fake rednecks, but they are still in the backwoods of Louisiana. No one cares really. The idiots that watch their show and buy their cheap garbage at Walmart will continue to do so and those that don’t watch it will continue not to. I think they said last night that cheap garbage they are selling is worth something near $400 million.

    Also, Peggy Noonan did not want to be left out the racist party, she has some interesting views on air travel.

    • Related: They do actually think that. Same interview went on to highlight how much fun the southern African American community had picking cotton and singing their songs, and how better off they were. True story.

    • Mike Walker

      It’s always funny to see jefe knocking down his racist/southern/hick strawmen completely in denial that his own views are pretty much the same as 90% of the people he is attacking.

      • You can keep pushing that lie and agenda if it makes you feel better, you know that is not true. Also, while you are looking up the actual definition of freedoms of speech and how it is actually applied, I encourage you to also look up the definition of straw man.

        Feel free to actually write a detailed response if that is possible supporting your position..in your own words.

      • …nah …walker pretty much nailed it.

  5. False equivalancies? Good thing we didn’t compare some redneck’s opinion with firing people from their jobs based on sexual orientation. Or even worse, comparing his commentary with goddamn 9/11. Seriously, man. Reality. Grip that shit.

  6. Greg

    They see you trolling….for web hits……cause they know you’ll keep trolling dirty…betta catch them trolling dirty…

  7. Dick Thunder:brain doctor

    well, ban Miley from A & E, case closed.

  8. Dick Thunder:brain doctor

    also, it is disgusting, this war on Christianity the way they are banning all these church programs on Sunday morning TV… oh wait.

    • don’t forget the Crusades! those poor, poor Christians. not having to pay taxes for your church sitting on the land of your ‘precious country’ is a real bitch too isn’t it? its the new Christian Holocaust don’t ya know. right Sarah?

  9. Jake2

    Gays suck.

  10. Phil Robertson made the mistake of giving his personal assessment of gays and of blacks who he knew when Jim Crow laws were in effect. He should have chosen his words more carefully (understatement) and I have to assume GQ baited him exactly to get this type of response from him.

    In America 2013, if you make any public remarks that are even remotely “anti” either group you are going to be destroyed. Somehow this is an acceptable thing in America but what can you do.

    • “I have to assume GQ baited him exactly to get this type of response from him.”

      GQ didn’t have to bait shit. Here’s Drew Magary making it perfectly clear that this is just how Phil Robertson talks:


      The guy lives in a bubble where it’s perfectly acceptable to say these kind of things, and more importantly, thinks it’s his righteous duty from God to say them. There was literally no baiting needed.

      • cc

        See my post above Fish.

      • Mike Walker

        All we have are edited responses, not the raw interview. The comments on his experience working with blacks in the fields was just a sidebar with no context or setup… prime fodder for disingenuous bloggers to project a cartoonish racist narrative onto.

    • HA! You moron…you sound like that idiot Sarah Palin who complained of “gotcha” questions. I can’t believe you all swallow this crap! Phil spouted his own ideas, no “baiting” involved and Palin was asked simple questions her SIMPLE mind couldn’t answer . What a great Pantheon of role models you all have

  11. it had to be said

    Oh. This is still a thing? I thought everyone had said everything they could or would say about it.

    And BTW, posting Miley pictures does not count as a return to bewbs and butts.

  12. jwwasnothere

    A few comments on several elements this post.

    I might have missed something, but what did Phil say that was racist? I thought he just said he never saw any racism in the South when he was growing up. Hard to believe, insensitive and perhaps a clue that he might not be very attentive to the difficulties experienced by people he doesn’t personally know, possibly. I am not sure that actually meets these definitions.

    1.the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

    2. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

    It seemed more a complaint directed at the “welfare state” than anything.

    My only point is, let’s keep the complaint centered where there is something to complain about, even if that is a stretch in itself. Phil expressed an opinion based on his religious beliefs, beliefs that are actually more commonly held than you might like. While i agree with neither his religious belief, nor his statement that being gay is “wrong/sin”, i didn’t really find his opinion all that surprising. Even though i disagree with him, his opinion didn’t make me mad. I disagree with a lot of people on a wide range of issues and really think the level of anger you appear to have (more on that below) isn’t productive.

    Additionally, specifically held beliefs don’t necessarily make a person, or whole swaths of a population, ignorant. If they did, we could all just call each other ignorant all day long and get nothing accomplished. So i guess it would be a bit like being a member of congress.

    I know it isn’t your job to help start a conversation or encourage people to engage in civil discourse so you can, of course, continue to write what you like. i will continue to come read most of it because a good bit is hilarious. I try to skip the politically motivated stuff anyway. All that said, i suspect you intentionally post these kind of things to drive traffic more than anything else. Traffic from those who agree with you and those who want an opportunity to vehemently object. So i guess congratulations on the effective business model.

    One last thought, you noted you are basically appalled that no advertisers had dropped DD. I am really curious whether you have ever had an advertiser drop you because of something you said.

    • Alexander

      Fish exercises free speech by stating his opinion that Phil is a close-minded, bible-thumping rube. Surely you don’t have a problem with that either?

      • jwwasnothere

        I don’t believe the term “free speech” was used in my post. I don’t believe “free speech” comes into this as Fish has correctly pointed out. But to, more or less, directly answer your question, no i really don’t have a problem with Fish expressing his opinion. It doesn’t make me mad any more than Phil’s opinion did. i was just pointing out that he seemed a little over angry and appeared to be stretching the “charges” just a bit. And i honestly wondered if his anger was because he had lost advertisers in the past because of something he posted and it isn’t happening to DD.

        Frankly, i wouldn’t have really cared to post at all if he made all the same points but had been funny when he did it.

      • Alexander

        I don’t have a scale in front of me to measure if the opinion expressed was done so in “overly angry” manner or not but as far as accuracy goes I think Fish is winning. BTW, saying both of their opinions are equally valid is stupid, and that’s just my opinion.

      • jwwasnothere

        I also don’t see anywhere that i said both their opinions are equally valid. They are opinions. Maybe they are equally invalid.

        It is Interesting that you do have a scale in front of you to determine “dumb” & “rube” but not one to determine how angry some seems to be.

        What is Fish winning? Who are you implying is losing? I can assure you i am not losing, as i am not competing. As Fish pointed out, DD isn’t losing any sponsors, so are they losing? Is there a prize of which i am unaware?

      • Alexander

        Your impartiality amazes me; you are truly King Solomon incarnate. On a side note, I’m curious, how do you judge right from wrong in your daily activities? You must truly be in a state of Zen. I am on the other hand is a mere human who get angry when dumb opinions are being spewed. Could you please tell me if you agree with what Phil said or with what Fish said? If you didn’t agree with entire one what parts did you agree with? Anger scale varies from person to person. As far as right and wrong you ether are or you’re not. And if being right is winning then Fish won.

      • jwwasnothere

        I very clearly said i did not agree with Phil’s opinions. I also clearly do not agree with the response that Phil’s opinion generated by Fish. I believe my post was quite clear on what i think. I disagree with Phil’s opinion on homosexuality and disagree with Fish blowing this so far out of the water and not even being funny when he did so.

        How do i tell right from wrong? I don’t really see how anything i have written would indicate i have a problem doing so and the answer would involve my 45 years of life experience and take quite some time. Since i really cannot understand what i said to make you think i have difficulty in that area, i am not going to take any further time to answer.

        The name calling is really not necessary, but you can keep it up if you like. It doesn’t bother me on the internet and it wouldn’t bother me if you were standing right in front of me. I will not call you names back. In fact, that is part of my point. Blowing things out of proportion and name calling do not help.

        I am not exactly sure what your point is in posting any of your replies to my post. On reviewing your posts, you haven’t actually disagreed with any of the points i made. You just called Phil a bible thumping dumb rube (or something like that) and inferred that i was dumb because i am ignorant about something. I am not even sure what you think i am ignorant of.

      • Alexander

        I think accusing me of name calling is a bit harsh (certain demographic might even take it as a compliment).
        Here’s what you said:
        I might have missed something, but what did Phil say that was racist? I thought he just said he never saw any racism in the South when he was growing up. Hard to believe, insensitive and perhaps a clue that he might not be very attentive to the difficulties experienced by people he doesn’t personally know, possibly. I am not sure that actually meets these definitions.
        Ok, should we not harshly judge Holocaust deniers? What if their defence was: “oh, I didn’t see any Jews being shoved into ovens when I was growing up so it’s probably all blown out of proportions”.
        Here’s the second one from your original statement:
        Additionally, specifically held beliefs don’t necessarily make a person, or whole swaths of a population, ignorant. If they did, we could all just call each other ignorant all day long and get nothing accomplished. So I guess it would be a bit like being a member of congress.
        I submit that it DOES make a whole swath of population ignorant indeed, especially if it stems from lack of or incorrect knowledge (Bible), just like belief in flat Earth and magic did not so long ago. Calling someone ignorant accomplishes plenty; it makes people angry enough to begin searching for facts to support their position instead of complacently sitting on their ass and repeating mindless crap.

      • Name calling, reinterpretation, and devaluation of opinion through attacking grammatical errors and misspellings is a major tactic of Superficial comment-ers. I think they learned it from Justifiable. He has taken it to an art. Choose your words wisely here.

      • Alexander

        I assume you mean me. I didn’t resort to name calling (I guess some people are more sensitive than others) nor did I attack spelling (which would be hypocritical)

        jwwasnothere statements are clear; however I do not agree with his assessment of the situation and provided my reasons for it.

    • Alexander

      BTW if your opinions don’t make you ingnorant, what does?
      Hmmm, nope, it’s your dumb opinions.

      • jwwasnothere

        I, much like Websters, am of the opinion (ha) that ignorance means “a lack of information or knowledge.” Not “an opinion that differs from that guy over there.” That is just my opinion, though and as you said it is probably dumb.

      • Alexander

        Dumb opinion formulated with lack of knowledge makes you ignorant.

    • I wish I could give this post your response a triple thumbs-up! If only we could all discuss these issues civilly and with respect for one another. Bravo, sir (or ma’am)!

  13. Metwo

    I used to visit this site for snark and ass. When did it become a political podium? I could care less what this site’s owner feels about homosexuality or racism as long as there’s celebrity nip slips. Me thinks it’s time to remove this site from my bookmarks and move on.

    • And just like schmidtler and convex, ME thinks you will be just as cowardly and keep coming back. Vote with your feet if you have any real integrity and go away…start a boycott, whatever, just leave. Maybe go to freerepublic.com and see if they’ll start a celeb blog. Ha! Maybe you can get breitbart to do it.

      • Metwo

        Egotastic, The Chive, DrunkenStepfather, here I come! Thankfully there’s only a few hundred other celeb blogs.
        Thanks Robo, your words are inspirational! My ad revenue of one penny per click may be meaningless to the superficial, but I can at least say that penny is going to something that provides great content and not BS opinions.

      • Alexander

        See you.

      • You do realize that most of those blogs are all owned by one company right? It’s called an umbrella, they don’t give a fuck who you visit, they get your click dollars no matter what. With today’s mega corporations, more and more companies live under a shared umbrella, that is generally why they don’t give a shit about threats of boycotts anymore.

        Drunkenstepfather, ha ha, good look over there at that wasteland. Also, just so you know, if this stuff was not getting hits and clicks, they would not be posting about it, at the end of the day, this is a business.

      • Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

      • again, fuck you. your high horse attitude that somehow, in your short time on this planet, you’ve figured everything the fuck out and the rest of us who disagree with your opinions are all dimwitted morons is why you will never actually figure anything out – your mind is closed.

    • Shasta

      For fuck’s sake- did you “used to visit” this site just five minutes before this was posted that you’re suddenly realizing that Fish posts about political issues fairly regularly? It’s not a new thing and hasn’t been for years. So go ahead and leave- I’m sure Fish won’t miss the ten minutes of traffic you must have contributed in the past for this to be a surprise.

  14. The days when Jim Crow laws kept the blacks in their place are gone. As are the days when you could get away with calling people “the blacks”.

    The days when you could say hateful and bigoted things and get a pass on them because they came from the Bible are gone. Nowadays you will be held accountable for the words that come out of your mouth no matter where you read them.

    Are we really going to pretend this can be called anything but “progress”?

    • It is hard not to see the “Voter Fraud” laws that the Tea Party has pushed through in many states since Obama won (twice!) as a return to Jim Crow.

      Not to mention the rampant Gerrymandering (to ensure that their shrinking base can still keep them on the government teat) that has been going on since the Neocons hit the big three (legislative, executive, judicial) after 9/11. The Neocons are out, apparently, and they’ve lost the White House and Senate, but the Tea Partiers are going to use any residual big 3 momentum to turn back the clock as much as they can.

      They know that their time is limited, as their old, white base dies off they will soon be a minority themselves, and they want to ruin things as much as possible now to teach the Democrats a lesson, apparently.

      They should have more faith in the Dems ability to screw things up on their own!

      • You’ve got kind of an uphill battle convincing me that requiring an ID to vote is the return to Jim Crow. In fact, it sounds like partisan extremism masquerading hiding behind the banner of civil rights.

      • It’s pretty well established that of the people who lack voter ID, a disproportionate number of them are African-American and Latino citizens. A lot of this has to do with the fact that it’s largely the lower classes who lack ID, and poor people are still disproportionately African-American and Latino. The (Republican) politicians pushing voter-ID laws know exactly who it is who’ll be unnecessarily disenfranchised, and that’s exactly why they’re backing this “solution” to a non-existent problem.

        If you’re still not convinced that this is a return to Jim Crow, let me remind you that getting the documentation for the proper ID (for example, getting copies of your birth certificate) usually costs money. So the voter-ID laws essentially require payment in order to vote, and one of the notorious Jim Crow laws was the poll tax.

      • Totally not being a bitch here, but I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t have a photo ID in the first place, not just to vote. You need a photo ID for lots of things in life. What gives?

      • I don’t believe the Tea Party has pushed through any voter fraud laws. They are actually a minority caucus that has little to no chance of undermining the DNC or GOP. The Tea Parties efforts to curb the growth of Federal government and return power back to the citizens is harshly criticized and unwanted on either side. Dems AND Repubs both want the power to remain in the hands of the Governing force.

  15. goober

    Damn. Now that’s telling it how it is. Fine job sir.

  16. papastryfe

    Haha typical troll crap ensues after a post by Fish that has COMPLETE relevance to the entertainment industry, yet everyone is freaking out. QUIT BITCHING. First off, Duck Commander Phil’s comments, right or wrong, are impacted by his “employment” by A&E and subject to THEIR terms. Has anyone read his contract? Anyone? Bueller? This is NOT an argument of church vs state, right vs wrong, lib vs con. He very well may have had a stipulation in his contract to say this, don’t say that, etc. (and probably includes interviews) usually blanketed by a statement like “If Duck Commander quacks about something A&E doesn’t like, he’s GONE.” (I paraphrased). Second, yes he’s entitled to his opinion as a person. We ALL are. I don’t agree with him. I think his opinion on gays is shit. I don’t agree with a lot of stuff in the Bible. Yet I have my own Christian beliefs. I focus on the part that says love thy neighbor. And I will pull the Pope card. “WHO AM I TO JUDGE?” Christ, if every Christian would actually LISTEN to what he said, this wouldn’t even be an issue.
    Aside from that, holy shit is this country so freaking fickle and polarized. EVERY comment section turns into a 12 year old online gaming version of Lib vs Con. I use poopy words cuz they hurt you ahahahah, OoooOoO BOOBIES!!!
    I don’t watch Duck Dynasty, nor own their Duck calls and I don’t own Miley Cyrus’ music nor been to any of her shows. Holy shit I’m not an expert, I don’t have a voice!!! WAAAAAAHHH. Stupid-asses.
    So called “Christians” that still insist their hate is “by the book”, shut up and stop caring about something that isn’t hurting you, leave same gender couples and other religions alone.
    So called “Atheist Liberals” that want everyone’s religion silenced so they can be at peace with absolutely nothing but their smugness, you need to shut up, too. Stop getting so fucking offended all the time. And you wonder why the Middle East has been at war with itself and the world for over a thousand years?

    • Alexander

      It’s good that you reject the “bad” parts of the bible man, just keep thinking, eventually you’ll get there. As far as your comment on Middle East goes it’s somewhat ironic since most of their problems stem from religion (specifically inability to accept “good” parts of Christianity)

      • Half the Christians won’t accept the “good” parts of Christianity, so why should we expect it from the Muslims?

      • papastryfe

        Alexander, good one on irony. I get so tired of people saying things are ironic in some way, but it’s mere coincidence, not irony. The Holy Land, specifically, is MIRED in irony. Plus it’s just a damn shame. -

    • As far as employment goes, it is illegal to not hire someone because of their religious beliefs. It wouldn’t be fair for someone to not be hired because they are an atheist, just as it is not fair for someone to be fired because of their Christian beliefs either.

      • He wasn’t fired for his beliefs. He wasn’t “fired” at all. He was suspended from appearing on a tv show, a tv show FOR WHICH HE IS STILL BEING PAID. And the issue isn’t his beliefs, but his spouting beliefs that run counter to A&E’s core values while doing an interview for an A&E show. And let’s not even pretend that we’d be having this conversation if his employer was super-religious and he was suspended for spouting pro-gay beliefs on his employer’s time.

  17. CsirhC

    So I’m guessing everyone missed this part of his interview:

    “We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty’s job. We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about Jesus—whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ’em out later, you see what I’m saying?”

    Read More http://www.gq.com/entertainment/television/201401/duck-dynasty-phil-robertson#ixzz2o2QFzmMq

    • But he did judge them. He plainly stated that they shall not inherit the Kingdom of God. That is the problem with hypocrites, they talk out of both sides of their mouths.

      If he was truly non-judgmental he would have said something to this effect. “I personally don’t agree with homosexuality and I don’t think God does either, but it is not my place to judge and only his”

      • Mike Walker

        He said what was in the bible. As far as he, and many if not most christians think, that is “god’s” word.

    • When you are asked “What’s wrong with the country?” and you answer “gay people”, that’s pretty much judging.

    • Hey Are You George Zimmerman?

      That is a very flimsy excuse, and “christians” use it all the time to endorse their hate. “I love everyone! Sky God is the one that judges, not me!” The bible was written by MAN. Church is attended by MAN. What makes me sick the most about Christianity is the cherry picking. At least the Muslims are committed to ALL of the Koran. If you truly followed the bible’s “teachings” you would not eat shellfish, wear clothing of the same cloth, and kill your wife and(or) children if they disrespected you. No where in the bible does it state that you can ammend (or utterly ignore) these laws because some second rate “theologian” wrote some fucked up paper on how you are excused from living by them. Oh, except for that one. That ONE about homosexuality. Their is NO EXCUSE for that one! Do you christians realize how foolish that sounds to the rest of us? Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of the christian bullshit. Unfortunately, it won’t end as long as there are hicks that REFUSE to educate themselves on the facts of the ammendments to the constitution, and there are religous profiteers standing by to take their money (Joyce Meyer). I can only take comfort in knowing that you idiots are getting monetarily and intellectually fleeced by something THAT DOES NOT EXIST!

      In closing, if I want to hate or judge, I hate and judge. I don’t need some imaginary heaven god as an excuse for my hate. Not only that, I’m not helping pay for gold toilet seat covers in some asshole con artist’s house, and I can sleep in on sunday.

      Go fuck yourself.

    • Alexander

      Your “good news” about Jesus is not solicited. I also have good news, there’s no evidence of God’s existence so if you don’t want to hear about that keep your idiotic opinions to yourself. Or if you do I’ll be here all day man, bring it on.

      • “I’ll be here all day man”. onward Christian Soldier! if there really was a Jeebus, I’m sure he’d be real proud. good thing for you, its just a fairy tale. one that people of very low intelligence choose to believe is real.

  18. Hey Are You George Zimmerman?

    It’s sad, but this arguement is going to go on for decades until the older, uneducated rednecks die out. This is why I ALWAYS encourage right wing christian zealots to eat at Chcik-Fi-La everyday. Hell, three times a day. Artery clogging grease will put Dawinism into effect, finally wiping out this pox on society.

  19. I love this site. Everyday of my life. Keep up the good work.

  20. “Ignorance is America’s most reliable demographic”… That, sir, is a fucking fantastic (albeit sad) statement. Well done.

  21. Miley Cyrus Nude Bikini Twerking Robin Thicke VMAs
    The Janitor
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m not gay and I’m not a duck (whateverthefucktheyare), but if you want the right to be gay then someone should have the right to disapprove. It makes sense. For instance, if this Phil(my dick) fella wants to be an idiot, then you have the right to call him an idiot. It wouldn’t even bother him. This is a ridiculous argument. And I’ll furthermore yield. I am a man of logic and boobies, logic and boobies…..

    • Alexander

      Boobies are the spice of life but you can’t just eat spice. Sometimes you have to set boobies aside (for a moment) to call an idiot out.

  22. This is not a freedom of speech issue, it’s an employment issue
    He makes duck calls and is on a reality show. As an on-air personality, I’m sure his contract had clauses that speak to this kind of situation which he probably violated. He can still cherry-pick things from the sprawling, mistranslated, manipulated and edited compilation of essays penned over centuries, aka the bible, and use them to justify his fear-based lifestyle.

  23. The Jantior

    I’m not gay and I’m not a duck (whateverthefucktheyare), but if you want the right to be gay then someone should have the right to disapprove. It makes sense. For instance, if this Phil(my dick) fella wants to be an idiot, then you have the right to call him an idiot. It wouldn’t even bother him. This is a ridiculous argument because I’m obviously God. See, watch, I’ll make Kate Upton appear. And Poof! You see…..(stares in stunned silence at a naked Rosie O’Donnell.) Takes off glasses and wipes them, casually. Well, I’m definitely not God, and is it possible to eat your own dick??

    I am a man of logic and boobies, logic and boobies…..

  24. I was very disappointed to see that same picture on my news-feed too :(
    I may link them to this page…

  25. There’s nothing more to say. Fish handled it perfectly. Btw, don’t you dare stop posting Miley Cyrus pics. I can’t get enough of them.

  26. “With an audience this rabid and gullible, and absolutely zero financial blowback, there’s no way in hell A&E isn’t going to bring it back without Phil Robertson on it. Ignorance is America’s most reliable demographic. And you know what? Fuck it. If people want to throw away their hard-earned money on redneck bobbleheads because they’re bigoted shitheads like them, knock yourself out, but at least do the rest of us a favor by learning how employment contracts work before the next fiasco.”

    Fish’s way of saying that everyone who disagrees with him is stupid and incapable of making logical decisions. The fact of the matter Fishy is that the fascistic nature of the left is becoming increasingly clear and the general population is shying away from it. Obama’s approval is down, here in Colorado Legislators are being recalled, and people are fighting back against elitist who are tirelessly working to impose their will on the rest of the country. Whether or not you agree with what the hillbilly said, he has absolutely no impact on peoples’ lives. So why go out of your way to destroy him?

    Also, after all this has passed, I’d like to request that you refrain from an endless amount of anti-Phil Zimmerman-like hate posts. I’m sure that http://www.Ihategeorgezimmermanandphilrobertson.com is available on GoDaddy for that.

    • Alexander

      Progress is not exactly a straight line unfortunately, if Colorado wants to hold on to some of their “values” for a bit longer, well, let them. We are not facists after all (despite what you’re implying) Facist is a manifistation of the far right btw, commuinsm is far left get your hate straight, man.

      • Simplified, maybe, Alexander. However the true meaning of the word and it’s implications are far more difficult to pin down. The nature of Facism, however, does rely heavily and Statism and class equality. Primarily it has been used to besmirch Capitalism and the free market, but the nature of the ideology is more closely in tune with the Progressive movement of today.

      • Alexander

        During Nazi Germany military/industrial complex was alive and well, thriving even. Some of the largest companies of today find their roots in fascist society, Siemens, Bayer, Hugo Boss, Volkswagen, etc. A lot of people made a lot of money, capitalism at its finest.

      • My point exactly. The current Progressive movement relies heavily on powerhouse capitalist to finance their radical policies. The financiers of today are the oil companies, technology industry, the banking industry, and, now, the health insurance companies. Secularism is being pushed on all levels, and “equality” is a primary focus of the left. Except, of course, for the Elitist who will make sure that everyone is taken care of. Meanwhile, it is becoming increasingly difficult for an individual to pursue their own gains through small business ownership as the bureaucracy severely limits the ability to do so. In the end, we have a State that controls what people do by creating an environment in which citizens rely heavily on the government, and an, in your words, industial complex that funds the operation. Facism, yo.

      • Alexander

        Dude, your above statement basically equates Walmart to minifistation of facism. The same Walmart that sells duck fucker’s wistles or whatever to make another 100 millions for their small “family” business, right?

      • Ok, add Wal-Mart to the list. Still the same Facism. Remember, Wal-mart drove out small businesses. The entire functionality of the “collective” and “income-equal” society requires the upper middle-class to cease to exist. Small business is the scourge of the anti-capitalist movement.

      • Alexander

        So at what point small mom and pop business suddenly turns into a big fascist business? Is it like a revenue number or employee number? Raw capitalism means lack of any regulation or intervention from government and successful companies tend to grow and consume other smaller ones so make up your mind please. If its capitalism and free for all that you want that INCLUDES the big business too.

      • Unless you have an understanding of how business functions, it is hard to understand that the market will dictate the growth of a company. Competition and advancements will curb the growth. One of the reasons Wal-mart was able to grow so rapidly is because local governments were giving tax credits to the company in order to bring them into their communities for revenue. A lot of Wal-marts paid no property taxes and received temporary waivers from local taxes. Mind you, I don’t have a problem with Wal-mart, I have issues with our government assisting the corporation to monopolize an industry in an effort to gain revenue from them in the future. Also, I do believe in regulation to an extent, but I am infuriated that the public has no say in the regulatory laws and are not involved in the unelected bureaucracy that has become a fourth branch of government.

      • Notice how there are not very many “big business” service industries? As an electrician it is relatively simple to attain a license and open up a one-man shop that is highly competitive with bigger companies. Small shop service businesses are all over and successful because the larger companies are forced to compete on their own. The unions offset this a bit, but due to the expense of running those companies, they tend to stick more with government run projects.

      • ….however, the service industry is slowly becoming more and more regulated making it harder for smaller guys to compete. Building inspectors are turning into the likes of the Gestapo and permitting and licensing is becoming so burdensome that adding charges to offset the cost of dealing with it is slowly but surely decreasing the profit of small contractors. Big companies can work around this, and encourage it, as it drowns out the competition.

    • You should probably go read the article “On Smarm” over at Gawker. It might help you understand your smarm problem and set you on the road to recovery.

  27. Come for tit jokes, dick jokes, horse-faced SJP jokes, & boobie and camel toe pics. Stay for the political discourse.

  28. First World Problems – Offended Edition: America’s all time (recent) most egregious acts of oppression, tyranny and persecution (in no particular order).

    1.Abercrombie & Fitch CEO doesn’t like fat people; only makes clothes in small sizes.

    2.“Jewbook” bans Tila Tequila’s page.

    3.Elderly Christian redneck reality star crudely expresses disapproval of homosexuality. During an interview with GQ.

    4. Elderly Christian redneck reality star gets lightly slapped on wrist by network called “Arts and Entertainment,” possibly cutting income from a gajillion to a bazillion.

    5. Merry Christmas

    6. Happy Holidays

    7. Kanye West didn’t get his way on something.

    8. Someone writes that there should be a black Santa.

    9. Someone else argues that Santa is white, and so is Jesus.

    10. Julianne Hough dresses as black television character for Halloween, and in so doing dons a lot of bronzer.

    11. Southern fatty food lady says some stuff about black people a number of years ago.

    12. The Food Network and some other companies decide their bottom lines would best be served by disassociating with Southern fatty food lady.

    13. Alec Baldwin behaves like Alec Baldwin, but vitriolic rant includes gay slurs this time.

    14. MSNBC decides that their bottom line would best be served by disassociating with hothead who gets into physical and verbal altercations with paps every 3-5 days.

    15. Someone interrupted Dave Chappelle’s show with a request.

    16. Dave Chappelle said “crackers.”

    17. Charlie Sheen, in a state of meth fueled paranoia, perceived some kind of slight.

    18. Someone dated, then dumped Taylor Swift.

  29. Brandon

    What racism? I read the article and he didn’t say anything racist. He also said the Bible says homosexuality is a sin, which it does. He didn’t say anything else, least of all about subjugating homosexuals.

    • “They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!… Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

      Zip-a-Dee-Fucking-Doo-Dah, life in the Jim Crow days was awesome for black folks.

      • Amazing that somehow you, who never set foot in the south, and did not live in jim crow times at all, know better than the man who did live in the south during jim crow times. I’m not saying he’s right, but your arrogance in screeching that you know better is astounding. Also, the hypocrisy of your mocking someone who gave an opinion based on their own life experience as if you could possibly have any insights on the topic is hysterical.

  30. Well said. I am envious of your articulate ways.

  31. Slash

    Yet another glimpse at the feeble thought processes of Republicans. If it were audible, it’d sound like trying to start a car on a frigid winter day with a weakened battery.

  32. The problem with the Republican Party is that they are dying. They have put all their stock in wacko racists and homophobes like this and while they may win in the still redneck pockets of the country, they are getting their ass handed to them in the general elections. I mean when you can’t beat a black man not once but twice, even when you run a lily white, rich as fuck asshole that looked like he stepped out of a Mad Men episode, you are pretty fucked.

    As it stands right now, Hillary Clinton seems to be pretty strong and the lead contender for the next President. So with Obama in for another few years and Hillary possibly up next, the composition of the Supreme Court is highly likely to become more liberal.

    Despite the protests of the hicks, more and more states are allowing gay marriage every day. The reality is the hicks are loud and vocal in the Internet, I surmise a lot of that has to do with the fact they are unemployed, but in reality, their power is dwindling. If you read Yahoo and other message boards, you would have though Obama was going to lose by 80% in each election. In reality, he handily won each time with no contest, not even close.

    Even John Boehner had enough last week and exploded and complained about his party being hijacked by the Tea Partiers and he had had enough. The Republicans are so desperate to win a general election that they are basically conceding that they can’t win with a white man or woman and are instead pushing two sort of Hispanics in name only, Marco Rubio and Canadian Ted Cruz with East Indian Bobby Jindal as the backup.

    And let me state for the record that even though Phil might feel this way, I don’t believe that his wife is of the same mindset, I don’t think his sons are either and their wives definitely not. He is old school, that is just the way they are.

    I found one thing interesting about Phil’s comment about welfare and entitlement which many racists like him like to make. He owns a factory which I presume has grown larger since the show has been on. Maybe he could you know, hire some black people? To my recollection he has none working there, nor anyone of any other race for that matter. I have a neighbor that owns 3 restaurants, an asphalt company and roofing company who is a proud quasi-racist Republican. He makes comments like Phil sometimes and so on, but then told me that he instructs his managers to toss the resumes of any black people that apply for jobs at his business. Being the good Christian that he is, he banged his wife’s sister, in their home, in their bed, in her car and also took the sister on vacation to Mexico when they were separated.

    • I have to agree with you about the Republican Party, and this coming from a long time Republican voter. Many have lost sight of their conservative values based on The Constitution, and are focusing on social issues that the Federal Government needs to stay the fuck out of. That is why we have a community organizer with zero civil management experience employed as President. Whether or not you support him, though, the President’s, be it Obama, Bush, Clinton, or motherfucking Franklin Pierce, have no right to circumvent the legislative process to mold the country to their vision and to deny the individual states their sovereignty to govern individually . I’ll die a Tea Partier because I believe in individual liberties and know that our country is supposed to be run by the will of the people. How much influence do you feel you have on the course of our country? I’m guessing not much. Therein is the problem.

    • Your neighbor is a douche, by the way. My parents and brothers are bigoted as well and my best friend is a bisexual black man. Needless to say, I prefer to limit my time with them.

  33. thecrazybetty

    you sound like an asshole.

  34. its the homosexuals that are ruining this country end of story

  35. Grand Dragon

    lol @ caring

  36. Mylanddownunder

    Meh. If you want to talk politics, fine. Both sides of the aisle aren’t worth voting for in the good ol’ US of A. Religious, inbred, gun nuts on one side or weak, ineffective, navel gazers on the other. What a choice. Thank your imaginary sky fairy that you don’t get a fine for not voting, I surely wouldn’t be bothering.

  37. Miley Cyrus Nude Bikini Twerking Robin Thicke VMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    Yep. She sticks out her tongue in photos because smiling embarrasses her.

    Doing this crap is she’s fine with but smiling makes her blush.

  38. sw

    Meanwhile New Mexico’s and Utah’s courts strike down same sex marriage bans. Life will continue to evolve. This man is a nobody and his fans are wasting their time being outraged. At one point Jersey Shore had millions of fans. Just another passing fade for morons to obsess about.

  39. Jenn

    I went and read a few things and I think Phil is quitting the show. This is his exit strategy. If so, it’s both stupid and brilliant.

    I still don’t like the hicktards.

  40. Miley Cyrus Nude Bikini Twerking Robin Thicke VMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    Beetlejuice and a winged monkey from Oz.

  41. Miley Cyrus Nude Bikini Twerking Robin Thicke VMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    Her complete understanding of “sexy” is act like a dog in heat. Next she’ll sit on the stage and start scooting.

  42. Miley Cyrus Nude Bikini Twerking Robin Thicke VMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    Ace Ventura: “Excuse me sir, but do you have a mint? Perhaps some Binaca?”

  43. Miley Cyrus Nude Bikini Twerking Robin Thicke VMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    “Give me my precious, Frodo!”

  44. Miley Cyrus Nude Bikini Twerking Robin Thicke VMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    It was more sexually appealing watching Ozzy Osbourne bite the head off a live bat.

  45. Miley Cyrus Nude Bikini Twerking Robin Thicke VMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    Never seen an ass with a weird gap like that before, it really does look like an uncooked chicken.

  46. Miley Cyrus Nude Bikini Twerking Robin Thicke VMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    jug eared kid in the middle has finally worked out what his orientation is.

  47. Miley Cyrus Nude Bikini Twerking Robin Thicke VMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    Audience: “oh god she had burritos for lunch!”

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