Peter Dinklage Hosted ‘SNL’

It’s exactly how he looks in my dreams!

When I found out Peter Dinklage was hosting Saturday Night Live, I still didn’t watch it because every time someone says I need to check out an SNL sketch, it’s usually terrible. (Except for the Kylo Ren one. The Kylo Ren one was the shit.) However, I did go through some clips on YouTube, and they, uh, they weren’t very good. Except for the Space Pants/Mafia Meeting one even though it started out god-fucking-awful, and then immediately turfed when Gwen Stefani showed up. But I’ll let you be the judge because there’s a bear photo I need to masturbate to. I’m not going to sugarcoat this.

REMINDER: I told you to stop after that one, and none of these feature Peter Dinklage dressed like Winnie The Pooh, which I’m pretty sure only I can see.

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Photo: Getty