Pete Doherty thinks he’s Jesus

Pete Doherty commissioned a sculpture of himself being crucified Jesus-style. Apparently, Pete and his friend artist Nick Reynolds feel Pete is a tortured Messiah, according to The Sun:

The “disturbing artwork” will be carved in marble and show Doherty being tortured, surrounded by strips of newspapers — symbolising his crucifixion by the media.
Reynolds insists he came up with the idea a long time ago and it has taken three years to come to fruition.

The Sun received behind-the-scenes photos of the sculpting process from Pete and the irony wasn’t lost on them:

Unfortunately Pete looks more like Han Solo when he is in his carbon coffin in Jabba’s Palace in Star Wars than Michaelangelo’s David.
The exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures above of Pete’s plaster session were given to me — for a bit of publicity. Er, just a minute. Any slight contradiction here, Mr Doherty?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, Pete Doherty comparing himself to Jesus is understandable. They’re both imaginary characters. Makes sense. But Pete Doherty as Han Motherfucking Solo?! BLASPHEMY!