Pete Wentz: ‘Ashlee Simpson Wouldn’t Stop Partying’

From the minute the papers were filed, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s divorce had been pinned entirely on Pete touring with a new band while Ashlee sat a home with the baby. Now his friends are coming forward and saying it was actually Ashlee who was out late partying for months with a “crew of skateboarders” and neglecting Bronx. Us Weekly reports:

“She would lose track of time,” the insider says.
Fall Out Boy rocker Wentz, 31, “started getting burnt out” by those antics, another source says. On the road with his band, he “would constantly check in on Ashlee, and he’d have his friends call the house and her cell to make sure she said she was where she said she was going to be,” an insider explains. “He felt like he couldn’t trust her.”

I’m actually inclined to believe this story because the Simpson family has a long and documented history of drinking themselves ass-tarded. Not to mention it hinges on Ashlee Simpson surrounding herself with men who don’t wear makeup or cry for hours on end for no reason. I hear chicks are into that. “So you’re going to have sex with me, but without sucking your thumb and clutching a wool scarf afterward? Wow, I think I already came. But, hey, next time we’ll try it your way with the penis stuff. Pinky swear.”

Photos: WENN