Peaches Geldof in a Bikini

June 25th, 2010 // 139 Comments

Here’s Peaches Geldof at a hotel in LA yesterday and I honestly couldn’t tell you what she’s famous for but I do know she’s banging Eli Roth which is kind of interesting. Mostly because when a director makes it big they typically go after, oh I dunno, let’s say attractive women. Not Eli. He’s an individual.

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    • Yeah, we are all trying to figure it out.
      This post has pleased some chubby chasers at least.
      I want to be compassionate, as this obviously wasn’t a nicely staged photoshoot. But DAMN, the girl is only 21 & her body is so trashed.

  1. Taz

    That tat and scar are messed up

  2. Taz

    Jacked up toes

  3. Georgeo

    Slow news day, huh? Who the hell is this chick, and why are you showing her? Why not just have a headline “some random tubby chick in a bikini?”

  4. ZigZagZoey

    Uh…She looks much more like pits than peaches.

  5. The site is going down a very dark path today…..

  6. Sweet shanking scar.

  7. Rough against the grain

    How cool! Eli is dating that woman the Polar bear try to pull through the fence….

    Ill put up with this, after a baby (maybe) not after I made it in to Hollywood…

  8. snarkyscreenname
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    Better posture would help. Standing up straight and walking with confidence does wonders!!

  9. dufresne


  10. Ooolala
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  11. hi

    what IS that!?

  12. Bad News Robot
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    Bad News Peaches: those tattoos are horrible if not laughable.

  13. manboob
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  14. Some Girl

    Gedolf, famous daughter of legendary punk rocker, she is a big socialite in England. The rogue kind… that are fun. Has a column in Nylon.

  15. Crabby Old Guy

    Not bad for a 52-year old, mother of five. Wait. What?

  16. Some Girl

    Trust me she used to be hotter and more of a an indie fashion icon. Google her a few years ago. Heroin has been her downfall.

  17. cc
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    These pix must have been taken at the trailer park pool!

  18. MssGinger

    Just threw up a little. WTF is that… a stab wound on her thigh? Thanks for wrecking my lunch Fish.

  19. bob

    WTF is this? looks like a hooker from a L.A corner

  20. Joe Bunda
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    I’d make it jiggle.

  21. Bad News Peaches: those tattoos are laughable if not horrible.

  22. cc
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    When did they start putting fire plugs in the trailer park pool area?

  23. manboob

    why does she have scars on her legs? stretch marks…

  24. grobpilot

    Very lumpy.

  25. manboob

    unicorns and hos

  26. there is just nothing good in this picture except the lady behind her in the shadows looks like she has nice stems.

  27. McFeely Smackup

    Well, I had no idea who this is, but after looking her up I found out that as I’d guessed she’s the daughter of Bob Geldoff, which makes her effectively nobody outside of the UK. (mostly because Bob Geldoff is damn near nobody outside the UK).

    I found out one shocking fact though. Hold on to your ass…

    She’s 21 years old. That’s right. That fat, sloppy, badly tattood, scarred, cheese assed tub of ugly goo managed to ruin herself like that in only a few years between puberty and 21. wow

    • Katie

      Yeah okay, Bob Geldof is nobody outside the UK. He was only nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

      You are right about Peaches though.She’s not famous, but the offspring of her famous father, Sir Bob Geldof. While he is known for his philanthropic efforts such as Live Aid, she is better known for her nude photo scandal from a heroin fueled night, dating Eli Roth, and being a hipster slob about town. Way to carry on your fathers legacy Peaches. She’s basically the Paris Hilton of England.

  28. Katie

    Why isn’t this site posting my comments? I hate this new format.

  29. Katie

    Oh, now it works, of course.

    She’s not famous, but the offspring of her famous father, Sir Bob Geldof. While he is known for his philanthropic efforts such as Live Aid, she is better known for her nude photo scandal from a heroin fueled night, dating Eli Roth, and being a hipster slob about town. Way to carry on your fathers legacy Peaches. She’s basically the Paris Hilton of England.

  30. RasputinsLiver



    The face looks youngish. But that body underneath it looks like it’s gone through sixty years of sluttin’, domestic violence, druggin’, alk bingin’ and survivin’ periods in prison.

    Gawd, she’s totally trashtastic, man!

    Shitney an’ Whorehan got nuthin’ on Peaches!


  31. Lauren

    This is what a real human being looks like. Get real.

    • McFeely Smackup

      I think we now all know what Lauren looks like…

      • Jakob

        Wow. Get a fucking life. Lauren’s right. That’s what a person looks like that enjoys life and actually EATS. Who gives a fuck about what the media says looks beautiful? Who are you to say this isn’t good-looking?
        50 years ago, the standards were different.
        I personally love a girl with some meat on her. Who wants to bang a skeleton?
        So bottom line: Fuck you, McFeely

      • Fuck you, That's my name

        I enjoy life and I EAT, and I don’t fuckin look like that!! Neither does my wife, and we dont starve or go on diets… Stuffing yourself with fast food and all that junk is not healthy wether u like or not. Fat is not healthy, cholesterol is not healthy… So, stop condoning yourself if you look like that too, there’s a middle ground between that and anorexia… Fucking hypocrites, you justify your lack of selfcontrol towards food and lack of activity by comparing lean people to skeletons…

        And FYI this so called “real human being” is a well known drugaddict… real human being my ass

        So bottom line: Fuck you, Jakob

      • Annie Loves Anal

        That is not “meat”, that is “fat”. There is a big difference. Do you eat lard burgers? I didn’t think so. You can eat and not look like that. I am so sick and tired of people saying “that is how a person should like”. No, that is not how a person should look, unless they are in their late fifties. She is only like, 21? Do you think that is how a twenty-one year old should look? Do us all a favor and please raise your standards. You are a perfect example of what is wrong with America.

    • Cock Dr

      “Real human beings” are killed & eaten here……after seasoning with harsh sarcasm & name calling.

    • Capn Crunch

      People don’t come to this site to see “real people” in bikinis. What the hell was the point of this post? You only post pictures of girls in bikinis for guys that want to look at them. And NO guy wants to look at these.

    • tc

      Erm. No, this is not what a real human being looks like.

      The tattoos, stab wounds and hanging fat are a million years away from what we would expect a 21 year old to look like.

      ..picture the lean, fit and well toned being who might be hunter-gathering in the plains of africa 200,000 years ago. That’s what a human should look like, and for the most part, it is what we find attractive.

  32. wayne-o-
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    wtf!! at least she has enough sense to put some writing on the tramp stamp, drown out her @#$*& annoying voice. it that a stab wound on her thigh, come on bud you’re slacking.

  33. Her tattoo reminds me of this stripper I saw in DC a few years ago. No lie, she had a barb wire tattoo that started on her left ankle and wrapped up her entire leg, thigh, stomach, chest and ended on her neck behind her ear.

    As I was making it rain George Washington’s on her, I complemented her on her tat…. she said “Thanks, I designed it myself.”

    Uhh, no shit.

    (Footnote: She’s now a Congresswoman from South Carolina)

    • Mills Lane

      You’re a dickhead! I fucked that girl and she’s from Maryland. Home of the fatuous street ho that wants to tax the corn in your turd cause it can cause global warming and should have been fed to other bovine balloons like herself. And the pictures of that rancid bitch are enough to make me think Hillary is reasonable looking!

  34. Richport's Ghost

    Will someone please chuck a harpoon into that whale?

  35. Katie

    “she’s banging Eli Roth which is kind of interesting. Mostly because when a director makes it big they typically go after, oh I dunno, let’s say attractive women.”

    Successful or not who wants to date Eli Roth, seriously, have you seen what he looks like? Even though he has money, I doubt there is a line of beautiful women dying to date the creator of the Saw flicks. And considering his movies I’m sure he goes for some really sick shit in the sack… and in that case Peaches is surely a perfect match for him.

  36. open_blouse_party
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    Peaches Geldof the Grey.

  37. Rick

    She’s what the female commenters here look like…if they lost 30 lbs.

    • thebitchisback

      I don’t look like that

    • real Chick

      Hey Rick I don’t have any of those nasty “tramp stamps”!
      *heading to fridge*

    • Some Girl

      I’m skinny and pretty, trust.

    • Veronica

      nope, no tats and a lot more toned up than this 21 year old, thanks for asking.

      Peaches is a sad case (dead mother and interesting character for a dad, thinks she’s really intellectual with no proff thereof, etc). I have seen her twice in person in London, (once in the ladies room, sniff sniff) and by the looks of this photo, she’s off of the drugs (for now).

  38. bar room hero

    Those tattoos look fucking awful.


  39. Clara

    Speak for ya self Rick! hurumphhh
    *going to fridge*

  40. natalie

    She looks like all the fat ass, ugly white girls that live around me.

  41. eat a peach

    love the bit of pudge on her. cute and sexy as hell…

  42. VandaL

    This fucker is hanging when it’s thin. Another waster sponging off the fame of her father. He’s a twat an’ all.

  43. thebitchisback
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    I’m fascinated by this creature. She needs a bathing suit that matches. And a salad.

  44. sasha
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    Bodies like this are why they make one piece suits. But then we wouldn’t be able to see all those “unique” tattoos. Is there a woman out there individual enough not to cover her body in tattoos?

    • Cock Dr

      Yes but there’s not many of us under 50.
      Fortunes are being made now in the tattoo removal business. Ha-ha!

    • Janey

      Whats wrong with her body? Cause she is not YOUR idea of NORMAL or PERFECT something is wrong with HER?

      You are soooo freakin stuuuupid

      • etc

        Well, she’s fat. That’s what’s wrong with her body. The only stupid people are those who cannot understand the idea of everyone is entitled to an opinion. That would be you Janey.

      • Cock Dr

        Talk to the Dr Janey. Did this post strike a nerve? Are you a bit broad in the beam yourself?

  45. Rupert
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    Obesity kills, folks.

  46. rickardo

    fucking grossssss

  47. Peanutty

    Her father played the role of “Pink” on Pink Floyd’s The Wall. He was sexy in that. Her mother died of an OD in her mid 20′s. She was a model.

    • Kate

      Please Peanutty, get your facts right.
      Peaches mother ( Paula Yates ) was a British journalist/writer/broadcaster and somewhat iconic in her time. She died when she was 40, not in her mid-twenties as you say. Paula went downhill after the death of her partner Michael Hutchence died in tragic circumstances.
      Peaches was in her early teens and she was the one who found her mother dead.
      Due to her background people are waiting for her to go the way of her mother, who , despite her problems was smart, sassy and funny.
      As for Peaches’ appearance , give her a break. I think its great to see a 21 year old not totally obsessed by her appearance.

  48. Commented on this photo:

    WOW…she is like 10 years younger than me, Im 29 and my body is a zillion times better, and I had 2 kids, wtf…you would think that someone who has youth on their side wouldnt look that garbage, what a dumpy body on this one.

    • squirrel

      WOW at least she doesn’t have 2 kids by 29!


    • Janey

      WOW… I’m afraid of what your kids are going to come out like having a mother that post stupid sh*t like this… I’m worried about them.

    • mimi

      Yeah three days ago she was the proud mother of 2 kids and was a size zero. Happy everyone ? Now she’s dead, morons.

  49. babystar
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    I’m 4 months pregnant and look way better than that!

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