Paula Deen Releases Statement: ‘I’m Old And From The South, You Idiots’

June 21st, 2013 // 51 Comments
Paula Deen
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Paula Deen
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“Have I ever tried cooking with brown sugar? Whatever do you- Oh, I see what you did there. (Fetch me the sheriff. Quickly.)”

Earlier in the week, Paula Deen found herself in some sugar-shit, sugar, when during a court deposition she not only confirmed that she has on occasion referred to coloreds as niggers, but also wishes she could dress them up in bow ties and make them tap dance at her brother’s wedding. Not in a racist way, of course, but simply to capture the pageantry of the pre-Civil War era when one could use one’s property as one saw fit. Like the America those brave Tea Party folks want to bring back, bless their hearts. So to combat the PR nightmare, Paula Deen Enterprises has released an official statement basically reminding everyone that Paula is old and from the south. What did you expect here? TMZ reports:

“During a deposition where she swore to tell the truth, Ms. Deen recounted having used a racial epithet in the past, speaking largely about a time in American history which was quite different than today.”
… “[Paula] was born 60 years ago when America’s South had schools that were segregated, different bathrooms, different restaurants and Americans rode in different parts of the bus. This is not today.”
“To be clear Ms. Deen does not find acceptable the use of this term under any circumstance by anyone nor condone any form of racism or discrimination.”

This was actually a smart move because, again, Paula Deen has lived in the south her whole life and older people are crazy set in their ways, so none of this should come as a shock to anyone. Fortunately, senior citizens like Paula don’t compromise a demographic who consistently votes with the largest numbers in every single federal, state and local election, so America should enter a bold, new future free of superstition and tradition any minute now. In fact, let me check some election numbers to find out when- SONOFABITCH. Okay, new plan: Who wants to be a Canadian?

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  1. Do we care? I have no idea who she is but I’d much rather someone be straight up with their views – no matter what they are – than all the politically correct, tap dancing pole shit we deal with now.

    • Straight up with their view = she was born in a time when the South was segregated and has learned absolutely nothing during every single one of those 60 years, because a complete lack of progression, evolution and education in humans is a really admirable thing.

      FYI, for all that you despise “politically correct, tap dancing pole shit”, what the righteous fuck do you think this latest PR release was? She’s not standing up for shit, she’s trying to whitewash the trail of droppings her big stupid mouth left in deposition – and doing a really piss-poor job of it, too.

      • She called a nigger a nigger, same as a spade is a spade. No-one gives a flying fuck. Black people call themselves niggers everyday. The PR is an autonomic response to this type of coverage, I really don’t think the lady herself gives a fuck. It’s all about the numbers, i.e. press coverage, selling articles etc

      • For the record, I let this comment out of moderation because an argument this fucking retarded needs to be seen to be appreciated.

      • Yes. Well. I’m from the South..
        Paula’s behavior reflects poorly on her region, her employer(Food Network agrees, and has fired her), and her generation.

        Being allowed as an American to say something isn’t the issue, whether anyone should say it, is. Show some restraint. Grow the fuck up. There is no damn reason for anyone to HAVE to say that word. I don’t care if all her people said it. Some of my redneck relations said it too. But, my mother, who is Paula’s age, raised me to have better manners, and grace than that, apparently Deen’s didn’t.

      • Southerner here as well. I think all of the fame has gone to Paula’s head. I have no doubt that she actually thinks what she said is OK. Sad. Yes, I knew older people who said that word, but as jennscarbie said above, my parents raised me better than that. Paula is only perpetuating the stereotype that all white Southerners are ignorant, backwards racists.

      • It’s abundantly clear when you look at the comments here and on Deen’s FB page that a huge amount of people who are standing up for her using it, and championing its casual use in general, aren’t actually from the South – but they’re willing to go to any lengths to excuse y’all (or, more precisely, what they imagine y’all to be) for its usage – because that makes it OK. For racists and bigots it’s all about trotting out the myriad excuses and rationalizations as to why they can openly and casually use a racist or bigoted term and still, y’know, not actually be one.

        It blows my mind that these broke-dick excuse-makers really do think that it’s truly no big deal because they’re convinced that everyone’s actually called someone a n*****r or some other racial slur at some point in their lives, and is just fronting if they claim they haven’t. Sort of like sociopaths that figure everyone else has be faking empathy, because they sure can’t feel shit for anyone except themselves.

      • SMB

        “In psychology, the false-consensus effect or false-consensus bias is a cognitive bias whereby a person tends to overestimate how much other people agree with him or her. There is a tendency for people to assume that their own opinions, beliefs, preferences, values and habits are ‘normal’ and that others also think the same way that they do. This cognitive bias tends to lead to the perception of a consensus that does not exist, a ‘false consensus’. This false consensus is significant because it increases self-esteem. The need to be “normal” and fit in with other people is underlined by a desire to conform and be liked by others in a social environment.”

    • I’m not sure I understand your comment. It seems the crux of your argument is that everyone that doesn’t resort to the n-word is just being politically correct and therefore not to be respected. Is that it, did I capture it adequately? You seem really smart so I want to make sure I understand completely what you’re saying so I can pass your good word on.

      • SMB

        …you also know that in the 60′s, the democratic party was basically the tea-party of their era? paula is (i’m guessing) a hold over from that era of “democrat” …oh, and, also; there are racist democrats.

        …good on you, fish …whenever i see comments like achilles wrath’s first one, my immediate thought is; “this is just their thinly veiled way of condoning [whatever-the-issue-being-commented-on-is]” …thanks for shining the light on that particular cockroach.

      • The old “solid south” was known as the home of the “yellow dog democrats” where a southerner “would vote for a yellow dog before they’d vote for a republican. Dickie nixon’s “southern strategy” all changed that (google southern strategy) so over a period of about 2++ decades the racist southern democrats of jefferson davis have switched allegiances to become the southern racists reSCUMlican teabaggers.

        So next time a rightwing reactionary SHIT-FOR-BRAINS reSCUMlican teabagger chokes up the tired “it was the republicans that freed the slaves” CRAP, just reply that THOSE “republicans” are NOW ALL DEMOCRATS.

  2. harriscandit

    She should of had a role in Django Unchained.

  3. Since there aren’t problems with bus seating arrangements and state sponsored discrimination, today’s racism is white folks dropping N-bombs.

    Find something more substantial to bitch about, Jesse Jackson.

    • j-sin

      YEAH! Cuz you know, disproportionate incarceration numbers, a screwed up judicial system, voter discrimination and racial profiling. Yup, no real racism these days! Nothiong to see hear, folks!

      • Shhh! You’re messing up the narrative. “We’re a post racial society and epithets don’t mean anything anymore.”

      • Not sure whitey is to blame for disproportionate prison numbers. Maybe we can affirmative action some more honkies up in thurr.

        if there is a racial basis for voter discrimination or something like that, then that shit needs to be dealt with. that’s legitimate.

        who is the victim when paula deen drops an N-bomb? fuckin’ nobody.

      • It’s still the case that African-American and Latino offenders get punished more severely than their white counterparts. More likely to be imprisoned (as opposed to put on probation or allowed to enter rehab), more likely to receive longer sentences, more likely for juveniles to be tried as adults, more likely to be arrested in the first place, more likely for their neighborhoods to be targeted in the “War on Drugs.”

        Maybe I should put this another way. If Lindsay Lohan were black…you get it now, right?

      • how much of that is a function of inherent racism in our court system and how much of that is a function of the demographics in areas that are cesspools of crime, violence, and poverty?

        I’d be willing to bet that trailer park white folk are more likely to be arrested and punished more severely than their more affluent white counterparts, who don’t use the public defender.

        the war on drugs is total horseshit any way you look at it.

      • SMB

        …try substituting your “willingness to bet” (and your knee-jerk, gut-reaction) with some actual facts.

  4. PC/DC

    I agree! Do you ever notice that it’s usually the white bread liberals that make a big deal out of this stuff. Black people use the N word all the time and refer to white people in a derogatory manner and no one loses their mind over it. This PC bullsh*t is so ridiculous, I’ve heard black people even laugh about how silly it is. Especially older black people don’t get bent out of shape about a word, they know that it is just a word essentially. Unless you’re Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, now those niggas will go cray, cray on a honky!

    • You wrote: ” I’ve heard black people even laugh about how silly it is.”

      No you didn’t. Not for one second do I believe you’re hanging with black people, listening to Robert Johnson and discussing race relations.

      • SMB

        …if he’s not a troll, then the only black folks he knows are on TV …if he’s seriously implying that he believes black folks are no longer offended by “nigger”, then i dare him…i double-dog dare him…to put his assertion to the test…and send us the video (from his hospital bed).

      • Actually, my double-dog dare acid test for him and the rest of the other not-so-crypto-racist, apologist, excuse-making, they-say-it-all-the-time-so-if-I-do-it’s-no-big-deal-anyway dicksmacks and fuckwits is to forget about the older generation. Hell, prove your point by just going right up to a black child straight off the school playground and call them a n******r, straight to their face. Because if the word has no power, and it’s “silly” anyway, then what’s the harm?

        Funny how when it comes to theory versus practice, these guys are nowhere to be seen.

    • Carl

      PC/DC you are so white trying fake like you are black.

  5. Where's Dildo

    I will defend to the death your right to become a Canadian citizen and to continue to post from there.

  6. cc

    I am not given to making apologies for people who use the n-word. However, you REALLY do have to consider the environment people grew up in and how that shapes them. I mean, if she days something like ‘Oh, I don’t want a n****r cabbie.’ then I wouldn’t be sympathetic. BUT is she were driving and gets cut off by a black person I can see how someone raised in a certain environment would say ‘That fuckin’ n****r cut me off!’. It’s a racial epithet, in a sense, but it’s not being used that way. I don’t condone it’s use, but I can see it being used as a generic insult. I mean, how often do people say ‘What a retard.’ Yes, it’s a disparaging term, but it’s not being used to disparage the mentally challenged…it’s being used as a synonym for ‘asshole’.

    Race is a problem but the whole issue is being sidetracked by sideshows like this.

    • “It’s a racial epithet, in a sense, but it’s not being used that way. ..I can see it being used as a generic insult.”

      Yes, indeed, I use it as a generic insult all the time, no matter whether I get a look at the actual person who cut me off or not. My doctor kept me waiting for two hours yesterday, and I called him a n****r because it’s just so much more pithy than “asshole”. As a matter of fact, it’s super-easy to interchange it with “gook” in traffic, because you know they can’t drive for shit. Not that I condone the use of “gook”, and It’s a racial epithet, in a sense, but I can see it being used as a generic insult.

      Jesus Fucking Christ, do you ever hear yourself? “Retard” is objectionable for the simple reason that it does disparage the mentally challenged – it’s an insulting, hurtful and degrading term, and anyone who has a child with a mental handicap will tell you that it’s not an OK term to use. To try to argue that one racist insult is OK by stating that other general insults are acceptable because stupid people use them without thinking is about the saddest, lamest thing I’ve ever heard. Racism – not “race”, btw – is a big problem, but the real “sideshow” here is failed apologists like you that try to sidetrack it with idiotic excuses and rationalizations.

      • Beautiful bitch slap. The only thing I would have added was assuming cc uses the term “gay” to mean things that are stupid to him.

        Someone cuts you off, he’s a fucking idiot, not a racial slur. Idiots come in all shapes and colours.

      • SMB

        …well done, justifiable …right on point.
        …i am SICK TO DEATH of white people who try to hide behind this kind of bullshit …like that tired old chestnut: “nigger just means ignorant person” …makes me wanna choke a bitch.

      • cc

        You should work on your reading comprehension. You missed the part where I said ‘ I don’t condone it’s use’. Also, wrt to the word ‘retard’ I was making an analogy…not saying either is okay.

        And loathe as I am to respond to your self righteous rant, the point I was trying to make is a simple one. That people of a certain background of a certain age have the casual use of that word deeply ingrained in their memory. One of my co-workers grew up in rural South Carolina. I’ve spoken candidly to him about his youth and in his formative years people would say, for example. ‘Hey, n***er, can you move your car?’ as casually as I would say ‘Hey, buddy, can you move your car?’

      • Maybe you ought to work on comprehension in general, because when you write, “I don’t condone it’s [sic] use” and then go on to explain why it isn’t so bad if it’s used in certain contexts, and then reach further and equate it with a “generic insult” to rationalize why it’s not such a big deal, then yeah – you ARE condoning its use.

        As for your “she can’t help it, she was born in the South” apologia – balls. She didn’t grow up during the fucking Civil War, she was a teenager at the start of the Civil Rights movement. I was a kid during that time, and I can tell you for a fact (because I’ve met them personally) that plenty of white people in the South, as well as those damn busybody Yankee imports from the North, not only never used that word, but marched and demonstrated against those who did. Both racists in the South and apologists like you will always defend its use – but plenty of others in the South will tell you that it’s a shameful word that represents all the ugliness in its history that the South has tried to decently bury.

        In addition, Deen hasn’t lived in a cave for the past half-century, and she’s not a stupid woman by any means – if she were, she wouldn’t have been able to build the career and fortune that she has to date. She’s had amazing opportunities to meet and work with people of different races and ethnicities in her field, and for her to had this experience and exposure and still add “of course” to her statement that she uses racial slurs is pretty mind-numbingly sad.

        More importantly, what you seem to have glossed over is that she’s not being sued for using that slur, but because sheand her brother treated their black employees in a harassing and degrading manner – so it ain’t just an occasional nostalgic n-word “oopsie” slip, it’s an all-pervasive attitude that thinks it’s perfectly OK to prohibit your black employees from using the customer bathroom facilities, while the white workers have no such restriction, because they, after all, less. When you get someone with a racist mindset who has the power to treat people under them badly by dictating that if you’re black, you’re prohibited from using the front entrance and can’t work the front of the restaurant, it IS a big fucking deal.

        FYI, the person who brought that hostile work environment lawsuit against her and her brother isn’t black, but a white female who seems to have a better grasp of the big picture than you do. Maybe you should stop trying so hard to spin “n*****r” into “buddy” and get a fucking clue.

      • It’s always fun when justifiable gets on a roll. TomFrank too.

      • The person that does NOT evolve and let their mind adopt to the evolving world around them only robs themselves of the capability that all humans have……

  7. please send her to texas.
    so when texas secedes from the union and becomes part of mexico she will go with it.

  8. I don’t who she is but she looks so old she probably was a Democrat against Lincoln who was abolishing slavery .

  9. “Roker, when y’all get done tryin’ to butter my muffin, run on down to the mercantile and get me forty pounds of butter, then when you get back, feed them damn pigs…”

  10. Caroline

    The school where I teach is full of students who use the N word. Most who use the word are black. Why is that ok for them? So much outrage over her use of the word, but none for rappers or stupid high school students.

    • thespiral

      It’s not ok for them. But being an ignorant dumb-ass kid is a lot less pathetic than being an ignorant dumb-ass who is over 60 and a rich powerful celebrity. No classy, educated person of any race would be caught dead using that kind of lowbrow American idiot language.

    • It’s not acceptable. Try teaching them that.

    • PinkyTuscadero

      You are supposed to show the outrage, Caroline. You. Yes, you…no, no, no, I hear you. But. Still. You.

  11. Mark

    Ah, yes. A dig at the RACIST Tea Party. So racist that their candidate for president was black. Hey, whatever makes you feel superior.

    • Kim

      No kidding. Yet another repeat of the idiotic “I can’t think of a way to rationally argue against fiscal responsibility, so I’m gonna just yell ‘RACIST!!!!’ really loudly” mantra. Endlessly repeating the party line (either one, BTW) without thinking doesn’t make anyone sound smart.

    • Mitt Romney was black?

  12. Whyask

    Ok. So you’re offended by her use of the word – cool, that’s your right. It’s also your right to not watch her show and to boycott her restaurant.

    Her right? – To use the word. The fact that you don’t like it is immaterial. I applaud her to no end for being speaking truthfully under oath – something 95% would not have the character to do.

    Still offended? – Grow up.

    • SMB

      …so, you define growing up as; accepting, even respecting, the fact that fucked-up people say & do fucked-up shit and are brazen about it?

      …by your logic, do you also defend members of nambla in the same way? …i mean, sure, what they do might be considered horrendous by some, but, you gotta applaud their character for speaking truthfully under oath, right?

    • Your fawning and idiotic argument that Deen should be admired for having the “character for speaking truthfully under oath” is ever so slightly undermined by her unending stream of literally red-faced video “apologies” to YouTube, trying to cover her enormous ass and rescue what’s left of her foundering professional career. There’s her real character, nimrod. Hope it isn’t too late to cancel the embroidery order on those white sheets and hoods.

      What’s painfully obvious is that you have no clue that it wasn’t “character” at all that led her to make the disclosures she did, but her smug knowledge that black people really are inferior to her, combined with the blinkered pig-ignorant arrogance that most racists of her stripe share that tells them that every thinking person who’s white can’t help but feel the same. She’s actually in prime company – I haven’t seen such “character” (or ass covering) like that since Nuremberg.

  13. SMB

    …i am loving how this story is bringing out out all of the closet racists …the ones who, even thought they might not actually lynch a nigger, if they saw a lynching taking place, they would’nt do anything to stop it. (“it’s none of my business, and i’m sure he probably did something to deserve it…you know how they are”)

    • Those days when THAT uppity coon would get lynched for just eyeballing that sweet pretty white woman! Fortunately I wasn’t around as I’d gotten lynched too for telling the KKK boys they was a bunch of crackas!

  14. Kanye W.

    George Bush hates black people.

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