Paula Abdul is Completely Sane

On Valentine’s Day, Paula Abdul made a seemingly frantic 911 call that would lead you to believe she was being kidnapped. Turns out she was just having an argument with her boyfriend who didn’t feel like pulling over on the 101 to let her out while cars whizzed by at 85 miles per hour so he’s a regular Chris Brown. Now I know it sounds bad to take the side of her boyfriend with literally no evidence to prove he wasn’t being abusive, except oh, wait, there’s a recording. Via RadarOnline:

Abdul later calmed down, asking him, “Are you gonna drop me off ’cause I have emergency on the phone?” before telling the operator, “He’s dropping me off.”
She later told authorities that the verbal incident had passed, and she was no longer in need of assistance.

I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if they released the rest of this tape and it’s 25 minutes of her getting pissed at MC Skat Kat for not taking the wheel while she shakes up a martini. “Are you gonna take the wheel? I have emergency on the line. – He won’t take the wheel. – Seriously, take the wheel. I’m not joking around. – Can you have an officer waiting for me? This asshole’s being ridiculous. *shaking sound* You see what you’re making me do?”

Photos: Splash News, WENN

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