Paris Hilton is an awesome big sister

November 8th, 2008 // 34 Comments

Paris Hilton’s little brother Barron celebrated his birthday last night at Apple Lounge in LA. Being the bestest big sister in the whole wide world, Paris showed up to the party – but only to use it as a backdrop for her reality show Paris Hilton’s My British BFF. Jesus. It’s bad enough she leeched off her little brother, but it wasn’t even for the American version of the show. That’s a kick in the junk. Sort of like the time my dad ran over the dog on my eighth birthday. Okay, maybe it’s nothing like that time. But, while we’re on the subject, let’s agree my therapist is really the one who should “quit crying about it to hookers.”

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  1. deva

    Paris Hilton is nothing more than a herpes infested skank. Someone should “take her out.” And by out I mean a high powered rifle to the brain.

  2. deva

    Paris Hilton is a disease infested skank who should be “taken out”. And by out I mean a high-powered rifle to the head.

  3. CaptainMorgan

    I’d like to see her start to hang out with Amy Winehouse. They have a lot in common, so I think they’d get along like a house on fire. They’d be good for eachother.

  4. Obama Biden

    Oooohh dem white wimminz is finnnneee!!!

  5. You know Obama Biden, i was saying to your Mom, just last night how you really need to STFU. She agreed. At least, I think ‘guh-unnggg-guh—toobig—-don’tcuminmymouf-ggguuuh mean she agreed. Anyway, she looked happy afterward, like a cake with icing.

  6. WTF

    It looks like she is going bald, which must be a side effect from not eating. She really looks bad lately, very, very, very bad.

  7. Paris Hilton Personal Appearance Nov 10th in Macy’s – Here in SF be among the first 300 customers to purchase her new fragrance Fairy Dust and receive an autograph from Paris and a printed photo of yourself with her.

  8. I hope my last post is not consider “promotional” by the moderators here. I just wanted to say that I found her in the news pushing her $135 fragrance.

    P.S. I wonder if if would be appropriate to mention how the first-lady elect was dissed in the news for the dress she wore Election Night. (Gosh, who’s being superficial !)

  9. CaptainMorgan

    @7 it’s probably just eau de toilet — not a real purfume. Not sure I want my woman to smell like fermented burritos and bbq sauce, thanks. Does it have any “floaties” in it? Or are all the “prizes” on the bottom?

  10. anon

    the girl in the green dress looks sorta like ali lohan

  11. Balls McCoy

    I honestly just want to shit on her chest. I’m not into the scat thing but I figure it’d be the perfect place for it.

  12. Jackson'shole

    I hope she has AIDS, or at least HIV. I do like her outfit though.

  13. Biraq Obomma

    I can’t wait until some obsessed fan kills her…

  14. Kait

    Did her implants get taken out?!!

  15. Check out the blog I did on this:


  16. dork

    This just in –

    Next season Ms. Hilton is starring as herself in her new reality show, based on her life, ‘Paris Hilton’s My Psycho BFF’ in which Karma, her new BFF, torments her in retaliation for the stain she’s placed on the psyche of humanity.

  17. paris is a joke

    She really just needs to give it up!! No talent and nothing but a waste of space!! Why would anybody give her the time of day,she is so pathetic!!

  18. Paris Hilton is an even bigger twit-twat.

  19. TRUE, if you’re a TRANS-SEXUAL either!!

  20. jiuner

    Love her. She is HOT. i JUST viewed her newest videos on a celeb site ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^^ . she looks very sexy on the pics. Not sure if she is looking for rich guys over there.

  21. Scheiße

    O = Obviously
    B = Blacks
    A = Are
    M = Moving
    A = America

    M = Maybe
    C = Crackers
    C = Can
    A = Accept
    I = It
    N = Now


  22. bcvbvc

    its hilarious to listen to the complete idiots who voted obama who know nothing of politics like the blacks in harlem who were interviewed.. “What do you think of Obama’s vice president being a woman.” They replied, “We dont care we think its great we love obama!”

  23. junk

    what does her brother look like?

  24. I don’t know why the whole world still hates Paris, I don’t really find her so annoying.

  25. Smitten

    Gees, people. You are so filled with bad vibes…

    I, personally, love Paris. Look at her. She is so elegant, beautiful and intelligent. When she walks into a room, her presence is unmistakable. Her aura is electifying. She exemplifies perfection and beauty.

    All that aside, that tight little body of hers would look good on the tip of my dick. I’d much rather have a fun spinner, like her, than a big booty queen any day of the week. Plus, I bet her pussy is a snapper.

    If they made a Paris love doll, I’d have 10.

  26. scabbeus

    When I see her three things come to mind:


    I enjoy this website but soon Obama and his socialist minions will push through the Fairness Doctrine. Once this happens The Superficial will be no more.

    I guess you can call it the spreading of happiness and freedom!

  27. waow…nice style. so beautiful ^^

  28. herbiefrog

    hey babe… : ) )__

    woah… so many bad vibes…

    they must really hate themselves

    [you cANT post here]

  29. i hate most celebrities but i love paris hilton. she is awesome.

  30. Truth

    Paris Hilton is going to prison for numerous federal crimes commited against Britney Spears and a man from Texas named Brandon Witte.

  31. Redhead

    Aaaaaand she has no boobs again.
    How does she do that???

  32. el ces

    Looks like she’s going to backhand those girls in pic 3.

    That’s hot.

  33. Khloe Kardashian

    The herpes princess. A crusty, nasty, skanky, disgusting, diseased slut.

    Why would anyone want to see her, or a picture of her? She’s a pile of garbage.

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