Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian break up

April 10th, 2007 // 105 Comments

Paris Hilton didn’t show up to best friend Kim Kardashian’s birthday party at Tao in Las Vegas last Friday and apparently it’s because their egos are clashing. Kardashian didn’t want to go clubbing in Paris’ shadow and Paris is pissed that Kardashian is being called the New Paris. Kardashian’s former publicist says:

“Even when I would talk to editors of magazines and other media outlets about featuring Kim, they would comment on how they are moving past Paris in hopes to bring someone fresh to the spotlight, like Kim.” What’s more, the former PR man claims that Paris Hilton’s other ex-BFF, Britney Spears, broke off their friendship because she was worried about her image. He also claims that Spears wooed Kardashian. “Britney was in NYC and kept texting Kim to hang out and go bowling or something.”

So is being called the New Paris a good thing? It’s not like being compared to Leonardo DaVinci or Albert Einstein. I mean this is Paris Hilton. It’d be more flattering to be compared to a giant slab of salami.

kim-kardashian-tao-birthday-02-thumb.jpg kim-kardashian-tao-birthday-03-thumb.jpg kim-kardashian-tao-birthday-04-thumb.jpg kim-kardashian-tao-birthday-05-thumb.jpg kim-kardashian-tao-birthday-06-thumb.jpg kim-kardashian-tao-birthday-07-thumb.jpg kim-kardashian-tao-birthday-08-thumb.jpg



  1. allyrising

    The only thing she’s good for is motorboating.

  2. veggi

    Paris has a friend???? What did that cost?

  3. Enough of this boring crap. You have to see what the dude a Celebslam has come up with. It’s damn funny and as timely as todays headlines.
    Click my handle to view. (Scroll up)

  4. mango1

    dang, it i didn’t have to sign in, i could have had a “frist”
    bugger. which is probably what Paris….

  5. D'arcy

    Who is this person and what does she want?!

  6. mango1

    In west london, many an asian (london english for ‘south-asian’) have make-up that bad.

    get her

  7. Of course she’s better than Paris. She just upped the ante by being used as a toilet. Guess they have to cancel production on Celebrity Pissmops: Volume 2.

    Something about her makes me think of Salma Hayek’s ridiculously swollen lactating floobies.

  8. InvaderZim

    That is one nice looking gal…

  9. xXrebeccaXx

    Well she’s beautiful though….Paris is strange looking with a saggy ass and small boobs. This girl has big boobs, big ass, and a beautiful face. The only drawback is the fact that she allows people to piss all over her…shame..

  10. lambman

    Lets see, WAY better body, much cuter face, much less VD, no wonkey eye

    Um what did we need Paris for?

  11. Jimbo

    Holy Shit! that is a nice rack. Can I touch them to see if they are real?

    @7 don’t be jealous. Those are very nice “ridiculously swollen lactating floobies”

  12. Debutantejaim

    Nice voluptuous body, I’ll give her that but the face?
    I’m thinking a real-life busted-version of Disney’s Jasmin.

  13. sharpman

    well at least she got bigger boobs than paris

  14. rrd

    FIfth Stooge you’re an ass. That sight sucks.

  15. whitegold

    Wow, Paris is starting to go through friends quicker than she goes through men! But seriously, I think that for Paris, to not have the spotlight on her for a while might actually be a very good thing for her!

    But Kim’s a pathetic loser, and who are the two girls hanging around her in the pic, trying to become quasi-famous also?!

  16. veggi

    I thought this was a fucking celebrity bashing site. Who the fuck is this? Snore.

  17. “hang out and go bowling or something” WTF? Can you imagine finding Kim and Britney bowling together? Unless by “bowling” she means “forcefed bearded clam dip.”

  18. Conky

    BFF’s just don’t last as long as they did in olden times.

    I blame GWB.

  19. veggi

    Oh, my bad. Just found out she’s famous for hanging out with Paris and a never released sex tape. Man, what a resume.

  20. freak_show

    Since when it is sexy to have makeup caked on so thick you need a putty knife to remove it? None of them are sexy up close when you see how much they have to wear in order to look “good” to others.

    She’s just another J-Lo-HO. Better than looking at old Wonky-Eye herself, but still. Looks like she has her own share of STDs, I don’t care what anyone says.


  21. pirhan

    Question is, who does the better close ups? Picture six is scary as hell.

  22. freak_show

    Amen, PIRHAN!

  23. DrPhowstus

    The things I would do to this woman would violate every commandment in the Bible. Twice.

  24. Debutantejaim

    That sandnig was unheard of until she was seen with Paris, same goes for the chic on her right(someting D’Amore?).
    Just like Paris the only cred she has is her father.
    Kim used Paris(smart bitch) to get some spotlight then copied off Paris by doing a sex-tape(if you’ve seen it you know it’s so obviously staged).
    Now Kim is hanging with ALL the chics Paris kicked to the curb or is rivals with.
    The HIGHSCHOOL-DRAMA is just getting started folks.

  25. Jimbo

    Veggi – What else does she need for her resume?

  26. whitegold

    If Britney really wants to make friends, maybe she should offer to pee on her. Apparently Kim’s in to that.

    And speaking of which, has anyone actually seen this sex tape? For all the hype surronding the activities that allegedly take place in the tape, has anyone actually proven it? Unless somebody says otherwise, I’m starting to think Kim is an even more pathetic loser and the whole thing was just to get people to actually recognize her name. At least Paris actually released her sex tape.

  27. Debutantejaim

    Picture 6!!
    WOW! Easy on the makeup, if your pretty less really is more & PLEASE thin those brows out.

  28. Hecubus

    It’s not even slightly funny anymore. This is our fucking culture. WHAT DOES SHE DO ????? WHAT HAS SHE EVER DONE ??????

    … OH, so now this is the level our culture is at. She’s famous and has a career in the spotlight because she got pissed on. Honestly can you imagine if some sdvanced alien civilisation came down to Earth to check up on us. We’d have to kill ourselves out of shame.

  29. kamihi

    Sex tape where someone pees on you is just LOW yeah shes much prettier & sexier than Paris, but whats next? someone shitting on you? Shes a slleazy ho, worse than Paris.

  30. I’d totally do her if she didn’t smell like urine.

  31. Debutantejaim

    You gotta be a disease-infested whore when your ALLOWING someone to piss on you.

  32. #30 I wouldn’t bang her for that exact reason. my only other objections are that she’s a tramp…and I’m a gil.

  33. N@ughty

    @29 she probably did get shitted on but ray j cut out that scene due to “underaged children” that are subsequently allowed to watch porn nowadays. oh boy, what has this world come to. lmao

  34. Debutantejaim

    A gil?

  35. veggi

    yeah, dipset!

  36. N@ughty

    yes a girl. why u think i say N@ughty?…wait, dont answer that.

  37. Debutantejaim

    He shitted on her, twirled his dick in the pile he left on her chest then put that sloppy mess in her sloppy hershey-hole!

  38. jrzmommy♠

    leave it to someone who enjoys getting pissed on to think it’s a compliment to be called “The New Paris.”

  39. Big B@@BS! that’s all I need

  40. N@ughty

    BY THE WAY…i just noticed i spelled “GIRL” wrong..hehe. i never wos gude at wurds

  41. Debutantejaim

    #38 Well said

  42. Rachelraquel

    I don’t know who this girl is, but she’s cuter than Paris. Sadly, someone called the new Paris will probably end up as nasty as Paris.

  43. DrPhowstus

    @27 — C’mon, those thick brows are there to tickle my balls.

  44. shanonorato


  45. wedgeone

    Why is no one commenting on the broad to the left of Kim in the main photo? Those be some Ginormous cans too & she should have less baggage. Makes her more desirable than Kim in my book.

    While the promo clips of Kim’s video were hot, knowing that she got pissed on just put out the flames of passion in my loins.

    All that being said, I’d still rather bang Kim than Paris at this point.

  46. NicotineEyePatch

    Happily maintaining the idea that fame only costs as much as the self-esteem you’re willing to sell!
    She’s not the ‘next’ Paris, that implies Paris started this whole whore train, when all she did was just jump on like a fucking flea. This one’s no better, she’s only prettier.

  47. ffordegroupie

    Hecubus, actually this is nothing new — Andy Warhol could preen all he wanted, but famous-for-being-famous celebs have existed for more than a century, and in multiple countries.

  48. ivve

    Picture 6 is just plain scary. Plus, most of these pictures make me think of Jesus’s mom (see handle link).

    I think she might have a pretty face underneath all that makeup. We might be able to see it if she cut that hair curtain that makes her forehead look weird and pinky-promised us not to ever make that face in picture #6 ever again.

  49. blondewithnobrain

    ummmmm, i don’t GET it…her birthday is in OCTOBER. why is she celebrating it in April???

  50. HollyJ

    She’s be really beautiful if the spacing between her eyebrows and hairline was more than 2 nanometers. Where the hell is her forehead?

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