Paris and Doug definitely broke up

April 15th, 2010 // 71 Comments

There’s been a lot of speculation over whether or not Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt really broke up, and these pics from his recent trip to Aspen show he’s clearly taken his penis to greener pastures. Not that I’m saying Paris’ vagina isn’t green or anything. It’s a figure of a speech, people.

Now on a more important note, URKEL’S ALIVE! And apparently loves blonde bitches. Someone might want to let CNN know because I don’t see how this isn’t the greatest news of our time. (Sorry, molested choir boys, but you knew this day would come.)

Photos: INFdaily

  1. first.

    and WHO CARES.

  2. Steve


  3. That Dude shows up EVERYWHERE

  4. Taz

    upgrade for doug

  5. *****AnnieLovesAnal

    firzt bitchez!

  6. msa

    is she a Hooter’s girl? All the Hooter’s girls around me are ugly. That’s the only thing that makes me care about this story. I always seem to get the ugliest waitresses.

  7. Jen

    i would make love to his face. he’s still a douchebag, though.

  8. small asian penis

    These pictures look like they were taken by a fan, of other fans, on a cell phone. This is most likely some P.R move to get a response. Here is my response, no one cares about Paris Hilton anymore and no one ever cared about that guy.

  9. BOBBO

    Jaleel White’s goofy face should be the main story.

  10. Dogless

    The hand on the back of the head yells “I’m an abusive, egotistical douche who won’t think twice about sleeping with your friends and blaming it on you.”

  11. fatguyinalittleshirt

    do they only make blondes in Aspen?

  12. daddy's left nut

    dating paris was a totally awesome yet itchy decision for doug. you know how many women are going to want to get in his pants now because they’ll think “if he’s good enough for an heiress, he’s good enough for me”. she’ll be thinking his choosing her makes her worth more than she is and her friends will be jealous that she got a g-list celebrity hand-me-down. he can’t lose!

    go doug!

  13. Polk

    Fake hit on the Grey Goose FAIL.

  14. Gigs

    He’s a douche but at least he has good taste in beer. Fat Tire and blonde sluts are a good combo.

  15. Sardonic

    With Paris out of the way, he can finally wear his fox hat in public.

  16. OPS

    Who is this guy and why do hot chicks want to bang him?

  17. Ham

    Dude, that’s Jaleel White, STEVE URKEL in the 6th photo!!!!!

  18. Jen

    yes, Ham. thats what the article says.

  19. chupacabra

    jesus christ, is he wearing a damn coyote pelt hat? Christ. Get PETA on the phone. Let’s get the ball rolling. He’ll have to publicly apologize for that to stupid fucking PETA. Whereas, he should fucking apologize for fucking Paris Herpes.

  20. Deacon Jones

    ahh, woman are funny. They’re suck attention whores they fuck anyone with a camera trained on them, fully knowing they’re probably going to get the herp..

  21. TGIF

    did IIIIIIII do thaaaaaaaat

  22. Will

    This guy reminds me of Zoolander every picture he make his sultry face. Then when he’s not expecting he goes all photobomb goof ball in the last one.

  23. Sheena

    Yeah, go Doug! See how he’s practicing for the inevitable drunken hummer at the end of the night in pic #1? But be careful, Dougie! Be sure to hold all that blonde hair back while she pukes so you don’t have to smell the vomit later on while she’s swallowing your diseased little willy!

  24. Help Me

    Better to be a tall tiny whats it, with little bananer feet, then a rolly, polly pudding, that nobody wants to meet.

  25. help Me

    Hey 18. Articles don’t talk.

  26. guy rossi


    Did he do that?

    I hope so

  27. havoc

    Urkel’s got the Bill Cosby wonk-eye thing going on……

    Then again, so does Paris.


  28. Tek

    “A Lot of speculation”? Really? Where and by who? I’ve heard nothing. You know why? Because nobody cares. Oh yeah, fuck PETA. And Go Urkel!

  29. I hate that stupid cunt. And I hate Paris too.

  30. JJ Daddy-O

    Wonder if the girls in these pictures have open sores yet, or just a rash?

  31. bitch PLEASE

    look..he’s already got his hand on the back of her head letting her know that she’s GONNA suck dick, just as soon as he finishes that beer…

  32. n

    from paris hilton to a hooters girl…fail?? win???

    i am confused.

  33. YOmamabitch!!

    Hahahaha why do this 2 idiots get so much attention to begin with?
    Paris Hilton is an ugly ass hoe and that wannabe is another stupid douche!
    Who fuking cares!!!!

  34. sam

    the best part about these pictures is the Fat Tire.

  35. v-tard

    Very cute blonde. He’s definitely improved his taste.

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  37. Looks like an upgrade. Tiger and J.J. should take notes.

  38. captain america

    well, LET’S BE GLAD FOR THE BOY, folks.

  39. Jen

    #25, they speak to me!

  40. Gross

    Ugh, these bitches are hideous. I hate to say it, but Paris was somehow hotter than this trailer trash. The one in the hooters outfit is just not attractive and boring, and the other one desperatley needs a nose job.

    And, damn, this Doug guy looks like a douche.

    I would probably fuck urkel just to say I fucked urkel though.

  41. ishi-san

    why is Douche-Doug crying in pic 10? Damn he has one stupid dumb face…….

  42. No man is an island, but to prove his love to a certain ho-tel heiress, Paris Hilton’s on-off-on-again beau Doug Reinhardt went and rented his girl one. Whisking her away for a romantic adventure, the poor minor league baseball player rented a private island in Fiji for the two of them, where they are currently spending their time deep-sea diving, Jet Skiing and even sky diving. Sources say Doug has stopped at nothing to win back Paris

  43. Arska

    Good for him. He definitely upgraded lookswise.

  44. SOS

    Paris is so much more beautiful. This girl’s hair is friend and her teeth are yellow :-( But otherwise still cute (from a straight girl’s POV)

  45. Gando

    Well,at least he’s visibly having a good time.Which wasn’t (visibly) always the case with Paris Hilton..

  46. cellphone

    He’d look like a neglected puppy.

  47. Darth

    The last months must have been tough/rough for him.

  48. Squishy


  49. Me

    These people are ugly as hell and they all look sweaty.

  50. so harmony couples i hope they will be leading happy liver in future

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