Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend is an A-Hole

When Nathan Parada burst into Paris Hilton’s house like the benevolent angel of natural selection he was, it was just assumed her private security team handled the situation until the cops arrived. Turns out Paris is actually dating nightclub tycoon Cy Waits who was at her house and pulled a gun on the intruder which proves there is absolutely nothing Vegas won’t rob me of. TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources confirm … Hilton’s BF — Vegas nightclub kingpin Cy Waits — told police that he and Paris heard loud banging noises coming from downstairs around 6:30 AM Tuesday … so he grabbed his gun and went to check out the situation.
We’re told Cy claims he spotted Nathan Parada peering through a window and carrying two knives — a large kitchen knife and a buck hunting knife.
Cy immediately went outside — with his weapon drawn — and ordered Parada to drop the knives and lay on his stomach. We’re told Cy kept his gun pointed at Parada until cops arrived.

You know that old saying about how a butterfly flaps its wings in the rainforest, I’m not held legally responsible for groping strippers? This is sort of like that except Cy Waits not only stomped on the butterfly, but proceeded to mate with an entire generation of tree frogs thus ensuring 10 months of winter. Followed by a tsunami.

Don’t fuck with nature, kids.

Photos: Splash News